Video subtitle editing under Linux

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One, the title editing software under Linux

Commonly used are subtitleeditor, Gnome-subtitles, Gaupol

1, Gnome-subtitles: Multi-caption File batch processing is not supported
2, Gaupol: Full English interface
3, Subtitleeditor: Function and Gnome-subtitles, gaupol similar, but support batch processing, interface Chinese

Second, common video and subtitle reasons for synchronization

Subtitles and videos downloaded online due to different sources, resulting in subtitles and audio out of sync. There are generally two reasons for the common unsynchronized:
1, video frame rate (fps) and subtitle frame rate (fps) inconsistency: For example, some video default frame rate is 25, some 23.976, and so on, the subtitle frame rate must be consistent with the video must be synchronized.
2, video head and subtitle Head Start not the same, causing dislocation

Third, the solution

1, the frame rate is inconsistent
A) set in playback software: Set the playback frame rate of the video and subtitles to the same
For example: in MPlayer
Select Preferences->subtitles & OSD, set the Subtitles->fps to match the FPS of the video playback, and then replay the video.

The command line can do this
$mplayer Video_file-subfps 23.976

b) Adjust the caption frame rate
For example: in Subtitleeditor
Select timeline, change frame rate, enter "current frame rate" and "new frame rate" and press OK. The current frame rate is the frame rate of the subtitle file, and the new frame frequency is the frame rate of the corresponding video file.

2, video and subtitle dislocation
This is easier to adjust, because the subtitle in the middle of each subtitle of the time and interval is generally no problem, only the subtitle starting point and the video starting point is not aligned, align them to achieve the entire subtitle file and video synchronization.
For example: In Subtitleeditor, the adjustment method is as follows:
A) open subtitles and videos and play from the beginning
b) When the video is playing to the 1th subtitle, press pause immediately to remember the video time
c) Select the 1th subtitle, select the video time to remember in the menu "time axis, move subtitles", move the caption to B), and then adjust it slightly.
D) All subtitles after 1th will also move forward or backward
E) Save

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Video subtitle editing under Linux

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