Vista flagship edition Windows Vista Ultimate chnsimp DVD

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Vista flagship edition Windows Vista Ultimate chnsimp DVD + 64bit
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Vista flagship edition Windows Vista Ultimate chnsimp DVD +
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This version is obtained from the versions circulating on the Internet and is also said to be genuine copies.
New Operating System Vista requirements, a glimpse of the Vista flagship product ultimate, some enthusiastic netizens provide this
I will try it for you. There is no serial number, but no serial number. Microsoft allows us to install it this time, but only
There are 30 days prescribed by Microsoft. I think 30 days is enough for everyone to understand the latest achievements Microsoft has invented for humans! Many friends you like
Go to the forum to share your experiences (the Chinese domain name on this site is vista Forum. cn or Vista Home. cn ).
Let everyone better understand Microsoft's latest product use. If you like Vista, please go to lianbang software to buy a genuine Windows Vista,
It is said that it is about 500 yuan. This disk is only for academic exchanges and is prohibited from being used for commercial purposes or pirated or cracked,
Otherwise, the consequences of copyright infringement will be borne by you!
You can also go to the following URL to directly download:

Http:// Telecom

Http:// Netcom

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