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Specific platform technologies. Visual Studio provides platform-specific tools to build the best experience, whether you are building applications that are Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Microsoft Office, or outside.


Video games are a huge Io 11 that greatly improves HLSL support for building integration, from coding and compiling to coloring, indentation, and outline display in the editor: industry, not surprisingly. On the Microsoft platform, DirectX is the foundation for building games. In Visual Studio 11, Microsoft is committed to improving game development verification, especially in three areas: rendering, resources, and debugging. The first improvement area is to build "rendering" for developers more easily. The Renderer is a piece of code that runs in the GPU to calculate the rendering effect. When used together with DirectX, The Renderer is usually written in the advanced coloring language (HLSL. Visual stud

Apart from text experience, the visual designer allows you to create effects graphically without explicitly writing pixel coloring er code. In this way, you can see the output of the graph at each stage. Here, I create a very simple Renderer graphically, which requires only two constant color values and adds them together:

Visual Studio supports exporting charts to HLSL:

You can make some very complex effects in the editor. It also supports real-time mode to view different effects over time. The following is an example of a test case used by the development team for this function. However, it cannot be determined from this static figure that many node animations in this figure are based on "time" nodes, which I have already emphasized.

The second area of improvement focuses on game resources. One of the distinguishing factors between game development and other types of applications is that games usually have a large amount of non-code resources. Historically, these files are largely non-transparent to developers. If developers want to view images or adjust models, they usually need to switch to a completely different tool set or get assistance from artists/designers. Many of these resources (such as. fbx 3D models or DDS images) can be viewed and used directly in the IDE When Visual Studio 11 is used. Although Visual Studio does not want to be a robust asset creation tool, such support can help developers understand how these assets are integrated into the game.

The third area of improvement focuses on debugging. When using DirectX to develop applications, the traditional CPU-oriented debugger is often insufficient. developers need tools to understand GPU rendering pipeline behavior. For example, developers may need to understand why an object is dimmed in a view or why a specific pixel renders an incorrect color. When using DirectX, Visual Studio 11 has a set of tools to help debug such errors in the code, capture the DirectX framework, and obtain historical records of all commands sent to the GPU, view all events that occur when rendering a specific pixel.


In short, game developers should be able to find that the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview provides them with a powerful toolset that can improve the quality of the time and results required for the solution.


Sharepoint is a very successful business of Microsoft. As stated in the tone of Microsoft SharePoint Conference October in March 2011, Microsoft has sold more than 125 million licenses for Sharepoint. In addition, Sharepoint was often regarded as a department solution, and more than 67% of enterprise customers now deploy it in the organization for everyone to use. In view of the success of SharePoint, we are committed to ensuring Visual Studio provides developers with an excellent experience to build custom solutions for the platform.

Visual Studio 2010 witnessed the adoption of many features, which greatly improved development with SharePoint: F5 debugging for Sharepoint applications, support for intelliitrace, project templates, integrate SharePoint into server resource manager, and more. Visual Studio 11 maintains this trend and will further enable this important platform.

In SharePoint development, one of the more common tasks is to create a list of storage information. In Visual Studio 2010, to create a new list definition, you must manually edit the XML file to define the detailed information of the List, including fields and how the list should be displayed in different views. In the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, if you select, you can still manually edit these files, but this is no longer necessary. Instead, this release includes a new list designer that defines these things and configures these lists. Here I have defined an example that will help me track my purchases for family and friends during the holiday season:

After creating a list in the Add new project dialog box, the new list is added to my solution. I can use the designer to configure it.

Of course, debugging my solution from Visual Studio will allow me to see the results of my efforts in SharePoint:

Now that I have a solution I want, I can use another new feature of Visual Studio 11: being able to publish to a remote SharePoint site (including SharePoint online in Office 365) and a wizard that makes it easy to do.

Once released, my solution is available for activating my SharePoint online account:

This is just a glimpse of the new SharePoint development feature in Visual Studio 11. With the support for developing Web Components in the sandbox environment, the performance and reliability are improved, simplifying the template, improving JavaScript intelligent sensing, and more, in Visual Studio 11, Sharepoint development became easier and more enjoyable.


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