Visual Studio is now a non-Windows programmer, Visual Studio

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Visual Studio is now a non-Windows programmer, Visual Studio

(This article is also published in my public account "dotNET daily excellent article ")

At the Build 2015 Conference, Microsoft made a lot of moves, one of which made the general (both the Microsoft ecosystem and the non-Microsoft ecosystem) program closely followed by the release of Visual Studio Code.

I used to introduce Node. the js Tool for Visual Studio article also mentioned that powerful IDE such as VS can also bring convenience to non-Microsoft ecosystem developers, but there are still some shortcomings: VS must be installed on Windows, VS is not lightweight enough. What the public did not think of was (including our MVP, even though we can download VS 2015 RC within one or two weeks before the Build Conference ), after Microsoft's engineering team packaged and optimized an open-source Editor, an enhanced code editor named after Visual Studio was released, so as to bring some powerful features of VS to the Linux and Mac OSX platforms. The release of Visual Studio Code not only enhances the. NET cross-platform development capability, but also receives great attention and praise from developers on various platforms at home and abroad.

Where, john Papa, a developer expert from Google, a regional technical expert from Microsoft, an MVP, and author of many articles and books, is strongly recommended. (one of the three non-Microsoft speakers who demonstrated VSCode in depth on Build is him). He published a series of articles to introduce all aspects of VSCode.

The first article is an introductory article ( ). At the beginning of the article, I used the word "Amazing, unbelievable" and thought it was a great tool for "Changing game rules. Next, I spoke deeply about my overall impression on VSCode (excerpted a large number of official VSCode introductions and documents ). In this article, I also answered the question "this is an editor or IDE" that many people will ask. He bluntly stated that "This is a good question, but it is not a problem for me at all, do you only choose one tool? ", A blog address ( devoted to "editor and IDE" is also given ).

John certainly liked VSCode and is now his preferred tool. He also lists the key features of VSCode and what he thinks is great:

  • Super fast
  • Adjustable
  • Smart sensing
  • Integrate Git
  • Support refactoring
  • Support for execution of Gulp and other tasks
  • Auto save
  • Easy to find
  • Customizable
  • Quick Fix
  • Multiple instances

However, he also pointed out a temporary deficiency: lack of extended support. In this article, John also gave his own guidance document address based on the main features of VSCode (the operations in the following articles are completed in OSX ):

  • VSCode entry ( basic functions, shortcuts, Code Search navigation, Editor capabilities and so on.
  • Introduction to intelligent perception ( intelligent perception (that is, Code Completion) supports JavaScript, TypeScript and C #.
  • Refactoring usage ( some of the more advanced code navigation features, changing all appear positions, multiple cursors, renaming in all files, formatting code.
  • Debugging use ( Debugging menu, JS debugging, TS debugging.
  • Git integration and configuration introduction ( comparable code, rich configuration (including shortcut key re ing), theme color.

Finally, John stressed that the birth of VSCode is inseparable from the open mind and promotion of Scott Guthrie and Scott Hunter, and from the development of Erich Gamma and Chris Dias.

I believe there are still many articles about and praising VSCode in the community (for example, there is a comprehensive reply in zhihu in China). You can learn more about other people's experience.

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