VMware Horizon View Infrastructure

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The current state can market desktop cloud project more and more, looking at the current situation, the current desktop cloud-based vendors mainly include Citrix Xendesktop, VMware Horizon View and a series of vendors are vying for the desktop market, Today I'm not talking about other cloud desktop architectures, mainly about VMware Horizon view.
VMware Horizon View is a VMware Desktop cloud solution that supports a wide range of protocol RDP, PCOIP, and blast protocols, and is currently used by VMware Horizon View in a variety of industries such as insurance, education, finance, manufacturing, and more.
VMware Horizon View includes the following components: AD, connection server, secure Server, Cmposer, VCenter, ESXi, desktop, Horizon Client, Horizon View HTML access, and horizon Agent The following are the specific architectures:

The functions of each component are as follows:

    • AD is used to provide user authentication.
    • The connection server is the proxy for the client connection.
    • A secure server is primarily used by agents that are used for public connection clients after the virtual machine is published.
    • The composer server is primarily used to centralize the ability to publish multiple linked-clone desktop pools.
    • Vcenter servers are primarily used to manage ESXi hosts, providing advanced features such as vmotion, cloning, and more.
    • The ESXi host is used to provide a carrier for the virtual machine to run.
    • The desktop primarily provides infrastructure services to end users.
    • Horizon client is used by end users to access the desktop pool.
    • Horizon View HTML Access is primarily a desktop infrastructure based on Web page access.
    • The Horizon Agent is installed on each terminal host and is used for internal communication with the connection server and secure server.
      These components are the underlying components of VMware Horizon View, so be sure to check the official documentation before deciding to use VMware Horizon view. For better use of the desktop.
      With VMware Horizon View, we can implement remote management of the desktop, and when the end user encounters problems, the virtual machine desktop can be accessed and repaired through the vcenter console, which can be managed centrally. Increase the productivity of your IT staff.

VMware Horizon View Infrastructure

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