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VoIP and data convergence networks are consuming a lot of money from enterprises, but they still have a problem: "Is this network security ?" For Alphonse Edouard, vice president of IT affairs at Dune Capital Management, an investment company, VoIP has become a business foundation. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the security of VoIP.

Edouard said that voice is very important for a lot of work we have done. Dune Capital Management first deploys VoIP, and then the concept of "working anywhere" begins to play a role.

Dune needs a way to ensure the quality of the phone and monitor the network to ensure network security.

According to Edouard, we know that VoIP is very sensitive to hackers. In the past, he used QRadar software from Q1 Labs to monitor mobile data and network communication. Finally, he began to monitor the quality of VoIP services. However, since Dune is increasingly dependent on VoIP, the company needs to ensure sufficient bandwidth is allocated and find a way to separate the monitoring of data communication from VoIP communication, even though the two communication share a network.

According to Edouard, the new QRadar module designed specifically to monitor VoIP networks meets this requirement. This VoIP module integrates network behavior analysis and security event Association to monitor the protocol, application, and security service layer of the entire network.

Tom Turner, vice president of marketing at Q1 Labs, said companies are working hard to monitor VoIP communication using security devices. Without effective monitoring, VoIP may experience bandwidth conflicts and unstable communication. In addition, it may suffer from security threats such as billing fraud, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial-of-service attacks, or other ip pbx attacks.

The QRadar VoIP module provides users with a set of security event-related rules, application features, and specific VoIP Security reports. These functions are designed to help users better monitor their VoIP Application Communication and associate events provided by security devices that protect the network, detects and reports threats to specific VoIP applications and servers at the same time.

Turner said that voice has increasingly become an important component of the customer's network. To correctly monitor and ensure the security of VoIP applications, users need to combine their observation of the network, the application of that network, and the security products that protect these applications. According to Turner, this module provides the following functions:

· VoIP association rules. This rule associates events of multiple VoIP resource devices, such as the call Manager, ip pbx, and Voice Gateway. This rule can detect fraud attempts and denial-of-service attacks against PBX and other voice control services.

· Daily, weekly, and monthly VoIP event summary reports. These reports detail VoIP-related security and policy events on the network. This is an indicator of the overall health of the VoIP network.

· VoIP execution report. This report provides high-level observation of VoIP network activity, VoIP Security Event data, and network behavior data in an overall way.

Edouard says he can monitor communications over phone bills on the port. This module also uses 10 different products to monitor VoIP and data networks, detect exceptions, issue alerts, and generate reports.

He said, I can ensure that all calls are transparent and everything works well. I can also ensure that VoIP communication is secure.

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