WDS configuration for Windows 10 Enterprise Batch Deployment

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We successfully installed the Windows Deployment Services role above, and next we need to configure WDS in a simple configuration to meet the usage requirements of the back-up environment.

Second, configure WDS:

2.1. Open the Windows Deployment Services right-click Server to select the configuration server:

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2.2, related to meet the conditions of information confirmation, the next step to continue:

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2.3. Tick "Integrate with Active Directory" and click Next to continue:

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Here's a simple addition to the note on standalone servers: Standalone server mode: Standalone server mode eliminates dependency on active Directory.

The difference between "Integration with Active Directory" and "Standalone server mode" works:

Starting with Windows Server 2012, Windows Deployment Services can be installed in stand-alone server mode. This action eliminates the dependency on Active Directory. You still need to use DHCP, DNS, and sufficient permissions to install and configure Windows Deployment Services. In this case, using local storage preserves information about the pre-scheduled device.

2.4. Specify the path to the Remote installation folder:

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2.5. Select "Respond to all client computers (known and unknown)" and click Next to continue:

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2.6. Temporarily do not need to add boot image, click Finish.

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2.7. After the configuration is complete, the interface is as follows:

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2.8. The configuration related to WDS properties is as follows:

2.8.1, PXE response policy:

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2.8.2, about PXE boot policy settings, whether you need to set up F12 or continue PXE boot, and so on:

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2.8.3, WDS properties in DHCP settings:


If the WDS server is on the same operating system as DHCP, we need to check two ports when WDS is configured, and WDS will automatically add the #60 option value to the DHCP scope;

If the WDS server is not on the same operating system as DHCP, we need to add #66, #67这两个作用域项 to the DHCP scope.

Port number
corresponding values
Start server host name (WDS IP address or computer name)
Startup file name boot\x64\pxeboot.com or wdsnbp.com

650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/71/97/wKioL1XURQSTwKSBAAGjaQLDgeU040.jpg "/>

2.8.4, if DHCP and WDS are not on the same operating system, it is recommended that you follow the default "Do not authorize this Windows Deployment Services server in DHCP":

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The relevant operation of the WDS configuration is introduced here, if the question can leave a message or comment on communication, thank you for your support.

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WDS configuration for Windows 10 Enterprise Batch Deployment

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