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Long time ago I promised to show LINQ in a demo, Instead of just showing slides. Finally it's online so to show you how much easier it is to write code in C #3.0 than it was in C #2.0, I 've created A small webcast(About 25 minutes ).

In the webcast I show a few slides, but most of the time is used in Visual Studio 2008 writing code. in the webcast I create a small program in C #2.0 and afterwards I convert it to C #3.0.

I show both LINQ to objects, LINQ to XML. LINQ to datasets and LINQ to SQL. of course there are much more in LINQ than I can show in 25 minutes by the way-the webcast andSlidesAre in Danish.

Time to introduce C #3.0 now! In this coding webcast, we'll discover the features of C #3.0, including:

-The VaR keyword
-Extensions Methods
-Lambda expressions
-Easy initialization of Types

The webcast is 45 minutes in length and pretty low-level. no visual Studio tools are used (only notepad: P) and ildasm.exe will be our guide. nevertheless, I feel comfortable that this webcast shocould be of interest to any C # developer around the globe. you can watch it over here.

All of that said, following this link to the land of Oz and an introduction to C #3.0.

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