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What is a webcast observer? Http://www.microsoft.com/china/technet/webcasts/member/observer.mspxis a good choice for webcastobservers?
1. Establish and expand your IT expert relationship network
We share our common interests and pursuits, and communicate with each other to help you integrate into a big family and share with more itelites.
2. Have the opportunity to become a star in the webcast lecture hall
The webcast observer has some insights on the content of the course. We provide you with the opportunity to participate in the live broadcast of webcast and interact with lecturers. You can even record your experience and knowledge as courses, become a real speaker!
3. Get the latest technet Chinese network broadcast course download package first
The webcast observer can obtain the latest course information and download the latest course in advance.
4. A full set of technet Chinese resource manuals
The Resource Manual published regularly by technet is a practical technical guide to help IT professionals grasp the IT development direction and learn the latest IT technology. The webcast observers who have made outstanding contributions have the opportunity to receive the series.
5. Get the latest Microsoft Product Trial and participate in the test
The webcast observer will have the opportunity to participate in the testing of Microsoft's latest products and obtain the latest test software from Microsoft.
6. Have the opportunity to participate in a variety of technet activities
Technet holds hundreds of technical exchanges and practical activities throughout the country each year, such as the Microsoft technology conference (teched) and the IT expert hands-on Forum (chalk talk ), server product management skills promotion training camp (HOL), etc. webcast observers will be invited to participate in these activities on site.
7. Have the opportunity to be invited to visit and study at Microsoft headquarters in Beijing
Technet holds multiple IT professionals summits in Beijing every year to teach you the latest Microsoft technology and share practical experience. The webcast observer will have the opportunity to be invited to the headquarters of Microsoft (China) to participate in the elite summit, receive professional training, and face-to-face communication with senior Microsoft.
8. Have the opportunity to be recommended as Microsoft's most valuable expert (MVP)
Microsoft's most valuable expert most valuable professional sionals (MVP) is an annual Microsoft award in the world. The webcast observer will have the opportunity to receive recommendations from the technet Network Broadcast team and become the MVP candidate. After you are elected as an MVP, you will be given the opportunity to get a genuine Microsoft Product and visit and study at Microsoft headquarters in the United States.

We will consider the contributions of each webcast observer and reward them to varying degrees and types. As long as you actively and conscientiously perform the duties of the observer, your efforts will be rewarded even more.

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