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Article Description: Creative Web layout and interactive design.

The difference between inspirational and creative design and general design is that it is not so easy to think and realize, and once it is implemented, a very interesting and fascinating website is born.

The site can be seen almost every day, but is not every site you will say "I wish I could have thought of it!" ”

What designers are doing is a great job of proposing and merging sites with high levels of design, which are the most innovative original works, while maintaining high usability. Irregular colors, shapes, and navigation can generate the most interesting and attractive sites. Of course, it's hard to think of this idea, and it's difficult to realize it.

But it's not sure what you're doing can cause a new trend, a lot of clicks, or "work" in a way you can't imagine. The most important thing for designers and developers is to remember that web design must be efficiently available, no matter how hard it looks. By combining creative thinking and careful analysis of key features in the design process, great and up-to-date web site concepts will continue to emerge.

Jump out of the intrinsic thinking mode

The first question is, "Why?" ”

Why do we always draw a rectangular frame when making a sketch of a website?

Why is "always" the specific colors or fonts?

Why are the photos used to be the perfect 4x6 screen height-width ratio?

The second question is how do we make a difference?

More and more websites are using interesting and creative layouts to answer the second question, from the use of circles to the use of attractive photos and colors, does not seem to play a significant role in creating new navigation and scrolling methods.

How do you deal with basic concepts?

It is important to remember the basic concepts when forming a new concept of breaking the routine. No matter how cool a website looks, it must be readable and available, otherwise people will not go to the site and interact with the content.

In the design phase, remember to keep thinking about your users and their ideas and how they use the site. If it's an advanced user, the navigation and scrolling features can be very impressive as long as there are some inconvenient places to use. But if the user is a computer beginner, you should stick to the normal navigation tools.

Your visitors come to your site for a reason. This reason needs to be strengthened when they arrive at the site. Make sure that your design can provide all the accurate information, entertainment, E-commerce and so on that the user needs.

Don't do too much! It means to keep doing things in an interesting direction, but don't try too much. Remember, if there are too many things on your website, users will not stay for long. Find an interest and the only way to interact with them.

Five sites gather together

So what brings them together? Creativity, readability, and usability. We've seen some websites do things that are new, unimaginable and wonderful.

Lowdi is doing a great job of creating visual points of interest in the shape of the normal. Not only does each box have rounded corners (or reverse rounded corners), the shaded frame resembles the shape of the product the company is selling. Even if you don't see the Lowdi box on the screen, you've memorized it. With scrolling, this box (which is a loudspeaker system) uses a series of pop-up bubbles to "talk" with you. This concept is very interesting, fresh and super fascinating.

Steve Vorass used "hidden navigation" to showcase his various projects. The Portfolio type site uses a simple "work, outline, contact" navigation at the top of the screen, while the image is also a navigation tool. Each different type of image will take you to a different project. More importantly, when your mouse hovers over the picture, they will remind you where it will take you when you click. The overall design of the site has a simple look and unexpected animation effect like a wall.

Caava Design is notable for its image selection and interesting shape, but the more creative it is scrolling. The entire site is built on the timeline. Each image "bubble" takes you to another level of information. What makes it special is that you don't need to understand the timeline to navigate and understand the site. It is a very powerful organization.

Joint's website shows us that the label itself is a creative design business. Each page gives you clickable options for navigating. The scheme is simple, with only gray and white (except the links will include color photos) but hover effects and readability are wonderful. It makes you want to keep clicking down to see what the site looks like.

Ballantyne uses great picture combinations, interesting shapes and very cool scrolling effects to fascinate you. The fashion retailer's website shows a great product selection page that provides interesting company and product information. Each scroll axis displays a new picture by moving three picture panels through the up and down buttons. Scrolling effects continue across a few screens, and you'll be tempted to see what happens next. In addition, the cool hypotenuse makes the scrolling effect more seamless and interesting.


For many years, designers have never said "no original ideas." Or I think that idea is crazy. " Every day, new technologies and new devices are changing the way we think about web design and design processes. We should let the brainstorming walk out of your comfort zone and then pull back the ideas you've gained to make sure it contains all the features and then make these features more practical.

Remember, some "crazy" ideas may fail, but it doesn't matter. Analyze and learn it, and then move on to the next idea.

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