Web page Open Desktop app (WinForm that EXE program)------2. Practice

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1. First create a new WinForm program (assuming the project), generated under (otherwise I did not add any code)

2. Create a new packaging project (the kind of other InstallShield you study)

The process of packaging self-Baidu, here only in detail to change the part of the registration form

(1) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT on the right->new->key and then the name can pick up I'm called Test here

(2) New two keys (i.e. folders) under test are called DefaultIcon and shells, respectively.

(3) New command under new Open,open under shell

(4) Right-DefaultIcon and command to create a new default Value, here to write the path, but the path of the installation package is the user's own choice, but do not worry, there is a [INSTALLDIR] keyword (is this called?). ), can help us to get, we just need to spell down the path is good, like my is [installdir]debug\test20170302.exe

And the final effect is this.

Then build the installation package, and finally we test it under:

Well, obviously, I did, if you didn't succeed.

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Web page Open Desktop app (WinForm that EXE program)------2. Practice

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