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For many sites, can be indexed by the search engine more pages are every webmaster doing the work every day, every day the search engine spiders are constantly crawling on the Internet, and some web spiders will often patronize, and some web spiders even more than 10 days a day, the latter's impact on the site is the search engine snapshot update slow, Site content can not be indexed in time by search engines, the weight of the site to rise slowly and other shortcomings. The mainstream search engine now in addition to crawling web Spiders Crawl Web pages, the other is that every webmaster dream of the hope that their site can become a search engine news source. Now this is the search engine mainstream crawl page two big methods.

The news source is has the human intervention, wants to become the search engine's news source to the website request is very high, the search engine audit is also very strict. For Chinese websites, the main thing is Baidu. Like the general Small and Medium enterprise website is very difficult to become the news source of Baidu, on the one hand is the website is small, the page is few, some even the website structure layout is not very reasonable. The other side is the content of the site, to become a source of Baidu News, Baidu's content requirements of the site is very high, the site needs to have a huge amount of information, and the content of these sites are original, readability and dissemination of strong. Generally speaking, the portal is more likely to become a news source for search engines.

can become the search engine news source to the website, not only is the website collects the quantity to increase, more importantly can increase the website the exposure rate, enhances the website The popularity, brings the more flow.

First, the amount of news sources, become a search engine news source, search engine spider crawl site frequency increased, ordinary Web site may spider more than 10 days crawling once, become a search engine news source, spiders may crawl several times a day, once the site has new content updates, spiders visit more frequently, The page of the website will be included faster. To enhance the amount of Web site is a big positive.

The website content page which is indexed by the search engine, if the content is very good, the search engine will give the news homepage to display the opportunity, once in the search engine News channel homepage displays, will be hundreds of millions of Chinese Netizen sees, enhances the website the exposure rate. For the webmaster to be able to get the search engine News home page to show the opportunity to be like their children as happy as the champion, the site's visibility will improve, the formation of word-of-mouth effect, to the site to bring the benefits of brand awareness has risen.

If the site content in a reasonable interspersed with the optimization of the long tail keyword, then to become a search engine news source of the site, a netizen search will be preferred display, ranked in front of the ordinary site. According to the habits of Chinese netizens, generally ranked in the first three pages of the homepage will be more clicks, then the geometric level will decline. The obvious is that you can bring more traffic to the site, which is why so many webmaster began to optimize the long tail of the keywords.

In short, to become a search engine on the site, the advantages of a lot, but the threshold requirements are very high, industry sites and portals, forums to become a search engine news source is far more likely than the common corporate web site. But it is not the former such sites have much advantage, the key is that such a Web site layout should be reasonable, content more substantial value, originality, guidance and news more strong. This article by the Gift Network ( original, welcome you reprint, reprint please leave this article link.

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