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What is flex and what is the relationship between Flex and Flash? (Turn)

Flex is the presentation Server (presentation service) released by Macromedia, an application of the Java Web container or. NET Server, Generates a corresponding. swf file, based on the. mxml file (pure XML description file and ActionScript), delivered to the client, interpreted by the client's Flash Player or Shockwave Player, giving the user a rich customer experience.

The famous Macromedia Flash is a powerful vector animation editing tool, after making the animation, Flash has been seeking the supremacy of rich Internet application (RIA rich client), the most influential is that object-oriented Scripting actionscript2.0 has been introduced, and class libraries and corresponding component (components) similar to Java Swing have been built. Flex interprets the. mxml file organization components and generates a corresponding. swf file through a non-flash path, such as Java or. Net. Flex's component is similar to Flash's component, but has improved.

The use of Flash is completely able to achieve the effect of flex, why also need flex it. I understand there are two reasons for this: 1, in order to cater to more developers (developers). Flash is born to designer (designer) design, interface and Flash animation concept and write program developers out of tune, in order to attract more jsp/asp/php and other programmers, Macromedia introduced flex with a very simple. Mxml to describe the interface and jsp/asp/php program personnel to use. (x/d) HTML is very similar, and mxml more standardized and standardized.

2, for a standard. You must have heard of Microsoft's next Generation System Longhorn, and Microsoft will also launch a new language XAML, an interface description language, that corresponds to what smart client and flex are like in Longhorn. Mxml and XAML are very similar ... Some of the benefits of the list are not for me to say.

Flex and J2ee/.net actually does not matter, Macromedia use Java to make a application to the Flash technology into Java, And then use the. NET technology to make a. NET application to integrate flash technology into. NET; it should be said that flex solves the most tedious problem in Java EE and. NET, which is the problem of Web clients. Microsoft is more despicable in IE built-in (installed in advance) a lot of space, can be called by. NET such as Datagrid,java there is no way, can only use the most original HTML tag a tag to print, it is a headache, and the client's JavaScript is the most difficult to debug, whether Java or. NET are helpless.

What is Flex Builder?
A Visual Flex application development tool that can generate flash user interface with markup language, convert the designer's expected XML tags into flash components, and compile into Flash SWF files for customers to browse, so that designers and developers can more efficiently create flex Application.


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