What is the correct representation of the Renminbi symbol? Why? Two bars?

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Because the project will deal with money, it is studied.

Is that a horizontal bar or a horizontal bar? The simplest way is to pull out the wallet, pull out a "new" 50 or 100, flip to the Silver Line on the back, and you will find the two bars. This is the most effective solution found when I discussed with my colleagues whether it was a one or two bars.

The barrier number problem is solved. You can run the SHIFT + 4 command in the ¥ (v3.03, V5.0) command $ (which is usually in the full-angle Chinese input mode) in this case, a horizontal bar is displayed.

But fortunately, the common fonts are Microsoft yahei, stxihei, and mingliu, theoretically, the following statement can solve most problems.

Font-family: 'Microsoft yahei', stxihei, mingliu

Although some Chinese Characters in Unicode representation may be better (via Chinese fonts are written in CSS), for example:

Font-family: '\ 5fae \ 8f6f \ 96c5 \ 9ed1',' \ 534e \ 6587 \ 7ec6 \ 9ed1', mingliu

Because mingliu is not "covered", and it looks pretty good on 12px, it seems like people like it. Anyway, I don't like "garbled ".

Of course, if you have a better solution, you can introduce it to me. There are also some ideas:

    • Compile a font with only $ in it and use the font-face method, but I will think about it. If you are interested, you can play it.
    • During the study, we also found that $ (in HTML, the name entity of $ is ¥, a characterCodeIt is "¥" and "¥ ". For Mac OS, press Alt + Y to enter via). Although you can know from the naming conventions that Yen is not yuan, it seems that it can be used now, however, in many cases, others will regard ¥ as JPY rather than CNY.

This was also found when looking for information: there is another witty way to talk about the symbol, saying that once a woman is married, she will have money when she gets married, therefore, the word "Inverted husband" is the symbol of the currency.

Article Source: http://justjavac.iteye.com/blog/1576524

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