What is the difference between main () and _ tmain ()? What is the difference between main_tmain?

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What is the difference between main () and _ tmain ()? What is the difference between main_tmain?

People who have used C know that every C program has a main (), but sometimes it is found that the main function is not int main (), but int _ tmain (), the header file is not <iostream. h> but <stdafx. h> Are you confused?
Let's take a look at their relationships.
First, this _ tmain () is an alias for the main used in unicode. Since it is an alias, there should be macro-defined. Where should we define it? In the confusing <stdafx. h>, there are two rows.
# Include <stdio. h>
# Include <tchar. h>
We can find the macro definition of _ tmain in the header file <tchar. h>.
# Define _ tmain main
Therefore, after pre-compilation, _ tmain is changed to main.


I can see the difference between tmain and main on the Internet. The translation is messy. By the way, I can translate it:

People who have used C language know that every C program has a main function, but sometimes the _ tmain function appears in programs written by others, which will be very confusing. I was confused at the time, so I went online to find information. Now I will summarize the results. This is because there is no evidence. If it is incorrect. Please note: _ tmain and main

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1. Main is a function of the C program, and _ tmain is a function of the main used to support unicode.
2. The definition of _ tmain can be found in <tchar. h>, for example, # define _ tmain main. Therefore, you must add # I nclude <tchar. h> to use it.

3. Therefore, after _ tmain compile is still main, You can execute

In addition, wmain is another alias of main to support the two-byte language environment.
Int main (int argc [, char * argv [] [, char * envp []);
Wmain (int argc, wchar_t * argv [], wchar_t * envp [])
Int _ tmain (int argc, _ TCHAR * argv [])


What are the advantages of Replacing main () with _ tmain?
_ Tmain () Can I decide whether the arcv [] character is ANSY or UNICODE when the program is started using the command line?
Can you tell me what you know?
UNICODE is supported. Actually reflected in? I use the TCHAR and generic functions in the main () WinMain () function, so that the source code can be used to compile ASNY and UNICODE respectively. So I asked whether the difference between _ tmain () is only when the program is started?
Whether UNICODE is used is not determined when the program is started, but whether the "UNICODE" is pre-defined during program compilation ", therefore, the function of _ tmain is the same as that of using TCHAR instead of a specific char or w_char. When UNICODE is defined during compilation, it means that wmain is main when not defined,

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