What is the difference between RedHat Linux as, es, and WS? What is centos? What is the relationship with RedHat?

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Linux is short for GNU/Linux. It is usually the general name of various Linux releases. Common Linux Manufacturers include RedHat/Novell.

RedHat has two major Linux product series, one of which is the free Fedora Core series. It is mainly used for desktop versions and provides support for many new features. Another product series is the paid enterprise series, which is divided into as, es, WS, and other branches.

AdvancedServer, Abbreviated. On the basis of the standard Linux kernel, as has enhanced its performance, improved its reliability, and integrated the drivers of many common servers.Program. Allows you to easily identify disk arrays and other devices for common rack-mounted servers such as IBM, Dell, and HP.

Major as versions 2.x/ 3.x/ 4.X, that is, we call as3/as4. Each version has several upgrades. For example, after the first release of as4, we encountered some updates, at this time, as4 update1 will be released, and as4 update2/update3 will appear in the future, such as as4u1/as4u2/as4u3 for short. This andMicrosoftThe form of release is also very similar to that of MicrosoftWindowsNT4 from SP1 to SP6, Windows2000 from SP1 to SP4 ....

The major package versions included in the as update versions are different. It is recommended that you do not mix them. Otherwise, problems may occur easily. Prima and pleskInstallPackage, targeted for various releasesDesign. The download page usually identifies the versions and update systems supported.

Elasticsearch is a simplified version of. The difference between it and the common as series is that as supports more than 4 CPUs, while es supports only two CPUs. There is no difference between AS and es in most packages, but only in a few software packages such as the kernel. The prices of As and elasticsearch vary greatly. Generally, elasticsearch is used in the OEM version purchased with the server. For example, if you purchase a Dell server, the elasticsearch Linux will be used with elasticsearch. If you want to match the as series, you need to spend thousands more.

WS is a further simplified version of ES. It is mainly used in the desktop office market in China.

Both the RedHat Fedora Core Linux and Enterprise Linux must comply with the GNU protocol.
You need to release your ownSource code. Therefore, for free Fedora Core Linux, you can directly download the ISO dial from the RedHat website, and download the ISO of srpm, that is, the source code CD of the package. The paid Enterprise Linux series is a commercial product. Therefore, you cannot download ISO files to your website. You must purchase an official license. Enterprise Linux must also follow the GNU protocol, so the source must be released.Code. Therefore, on the RedHat website, you can obtain the srpm Source Code ISO file of the AS/ES/WS series. These files can be freely downloaded, modified, and re-compiled.

A project named community enterprise operating system was born. The abbreviation is centos. CentosCommunityDownload all the source code on the RedHat website and recompile it. After re-compilation, because as/ES/WS is a commercial product, you must change all RedHat logos and logos to your own centos logos. For example, after compiling the original srpm source code of as4, it becomes centos 4.0. After the source code of as4update1 is compiled, it becomes centos4.1. After the source code of as4update2 is compiled, it becomes centos4.2. Similarly, centos 3.x/ 4.x corresponds to the corresponding version.

Therefore, centos is the free version of RedHat as/ES/WS. With centos, you can get the same performance and experience as AS/es. In addition to standard numbers 1 ~ 4 or 1 ~ 5. In addition to several ISO files, a server disc with a minimal 1cd is also provided. The system installed with the server CD is a minimal Linux kernel with commonly used httpd/MySQL packages, excluding xwindows desktop and other useless software for servers.

Prima, plesk, and virtuozzo can all be installed on centos.

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