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What do I need to do with my iphone repair

Apple's official IPhone6 service for aftermarket services will vary according to the path or channel you are buying:

1. Through the Apple website online store/offline direct store purchase

If you are buying an iphone via an Apple online store or offline direct store, go directly to the Apple offline Direct store for after-sale repairs without having to carry a small ticket. Because your purchase records and information can be queried on your computer, you do not need to provide additional information.

The only thing to note is that the national line version of the iphone after-sales repair must be required to carry three packs of vouchers, and the port version and other versions are not required.

2. Purchase through a third party authorized distributor

If your national version of the iphone is not purchased at the Apple Online store or offline direct store, it is purchased through a Third-party authorized dealer. If you choose to go to the direct shop for maintenance, then in addition to the need to carry three packs of vouchers, you also need to carry the purchase of invoices opened.

Although the previous time rumors of the Apple regulator version of the iphone warranty policy has been confirmed as rumors, but still a little changed, that is: whether the replacement of parts or replacement machine, will not make a decision on the scene, but the need for users to leave a faulty phone waiting for notice, can not be replaced on the spot

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