What Koreans wrote to make all Chinese people feel ashamed !!!

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Dear Chinese friends on the Internet, good Network Manager (smiling and bowing ).

I am a college student from the Republic of Korea and now I am studying in Shanghai, your country. I have been in Guizhou for about five years,
I first came with my father who came to work in China. I used to study in Beijing, both of my country and moved to Beijing three years ago.
Sea. I liked Chinese culture since I was a child. I learned Chinese by myself in elementary school.
After coming to your country, the Chinese language will naturally make rapid progress. I like surfing the Internet. I am in Korea and China.
A Chinese friend introduced me to this website a few days ago, saying it was about Japanese. Maybe we
South Koreans will be interested. So I came here and read my article for a few days. Now I want to be a normal Korean citizen.
To talk about my true views. If any statements are not available, please be considerate.

I found that some Chinese friends, in addition to swearing at the Japanese when posting articles on the internet, also like to say something against South Korea.
Comments. This made me very disappointed. Before I came to China, I always regarded the Chinese as a very friendly and friendly nation,
Although there have been some unfortunate events in the history of our two countries, they are mainly peaceful. South Korea is opposed to China.
There are many people in my hometown of Seoul (you call it "Seoul"), but I have always regarded them as dummies.
However, I am often abused on the Internet in China. Sometimes I say "Hello, I am a Korean
", But others replied," Get out of China! Korean stick !", "Korean stick remembers our" Volunteers"
How did you break your foot in Seoul ?", "How did the army of the Tang Dynasty destroy you !" There is
Abuse. Shouldn't your country be so exclusive? For the exclusive fools in my motherland, I think your country
Large land, large population, and "Greater China" as a cultural spirit, it seems to be a wide and broad people
Family, not so narrow-minded, and should be very civilized. But I found that some people in your country often use very
Attackers use dirty languages to attack others, rather than arguing. Can this also reflect your "Power style? What's more, those needles
Many of our abusive statements to our South Koreans seem to be jealous. It may be that the former country is now in the industry.
Is it more angry than her "Master country" in culture? This may be some people's real thoughts.

In the past five years when I came to your country, many of my original impressions have vanished. In fact, I am also very sad.
Your country is a cultural teacher of the Republic of Korea in history. The Korean nation and the whole civilization in East Asia are students in your country. Me
Most of their etiquette systems and humanistic thoughts originate from the great Chinese civilization in your country. So I used your country
The true "state of civilization" and "state of courtesy" throughout Asia ". But when I came to your country, I found that I was wrong. Expensive
In terms of some basic etiquette and morality, the country is far inferior to those that are poorer than your country. Whether on the streets of Shanghai
Even on the streets of Beijing, I seldom see people queuing up for a bus. The road is often dirty, and pedestrians take garbage and
Waste water is nothing to worry about in the streets. What surprised me is that expensive people spit everywhere! This is true in other countries.
It's very rude and untrustworthy, but valuable countries can do it in other places! Once, I saw a beauty on the Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
Lili threw her out on the ground in front of her boyfriend. If such a girl is in Korea, she will never get married,
We cannot have such a rude girl. In addition, your country's health habits are too bad.
You can only take a bath once a week in other seasons, which is unimaginable in countries that are fond of cleaning. In the world, every day
Take a bath and wash your hair. Being clean is also an important aspect of a person's personal accomplishment and civilization. In addition, there is no humility,
Quarrel. On the streets of your country, bus and shops often see people quarreling for a little thing, and even men
Do Chinese citizens in your country have no such demeanor when they quarrel with ladies? What is the tolerance of Chinese civilization? In Korea
China, Japan and Singapore? I am very sad.

I also found a very interesting phenomenon, which is often caused by the strong national patriotism in your country.
Patriotism hates Japan. In reality, I have seen the opposite in the past five years. It looks like your country
In reality, people not only do not hate Japan, but also have good feelings for Japan. My Chinese colleagues in Beijing and Shanghai
Most prefer Japan and South Korea, especially Japan. I am very impressed by the bad Japanese appliances in Japanese cars and stores on manstreet.
Confused, I think of the hateful Japanese enterprises that bullied Chinese workers during the Second World War. Now, they still depend on this history.
Hate them ?! The hateful Japanese enterprises have so many assets and markets in China that they dare not confront the Chinese.
I am afraid that the Chinese will resist Japanese cargo retaliation. Why? Why? Why ?! Which of the following Chinese friends can tell me! Network
So many rhetoric, when the hateful Japanese modify textbooks, when they openly encroached on the Diaoyu Islands in your country,
Has your country taken any practical actions? Is someone taking the streets like our Koreans? Some of us and Han Yong
Did Shi's fingers protest? No, some of them are famous female artists in your country walking down the American street wearing a Japanese military flag.
First, I know that you are angry, but you are not willing to take actions. I know that you are patriotic, but patriotic, but unwilling to sacrifice! Even if
Insisting on purchasing Chinese goods is also a patriotic sacrifice, but have you done it ?! The people in your country hate the Japanese.
?! Where is the old and great spirit of "benefit from righteousness" in your country ?! Is it in South Korea?

Another discovery is that foreigners, especially those from wealthy countries, are always able to receive
Special courtesy. Of course, I have never enjoyed it, because I am fluent in Chinese and have a very "earthy" appearance and cheerful nature.
Gee, even my best friend treats me as a Chinese. On the contrary, Japanese students who are not fluent in Chinese and have bad temper
It is very popular. Every day, there is a large group of people around them. Students in your country ask questions like primary school students.
I compared my country with Japan and concluded that my country is useless.
I know they want to marry the Japanese and then leave (or betray) her.
Their Motherland. I often dislike this kind of person. As a Korean, I think such person cannot be called China.
People, they are the shame of your country, but it is sad that there are more and more such people. A very fierce Japanese study
"You want to learn to be handsome and use money in front of these Chinese * women, and they will all kneel down
Please "Go Up" them in front of you .". I was disgusted with what he said, and then I saw it in the restaurant next to the school.
A Japanese student played a Chinese girl in public. He told the girl something about her and asked her to finish drinking herself.
. The girl started to cry, and she wanted to resist but seemed scared, and she was surrounded ?? That is the Japanese student.
All my Chinese classmates around me are watching jokes! No one comes forward to stop, and several of them actually help
An asshole, the Japanese, want the girl to obey! I can't stand it anymore, so I come up and pat the Japanese asshole on the shoulder,
He wants to be disciplined seriously, or he will be notified to the police. He just let the girl go.

Afterwards, a Chinese person patted me on the shoulder and said, "We are proud of the Chinese." I was surprised.
Success! I am a Korean! Maybe he thought I was Chinese. That is, the hateful Japanese land in China.
When I was playing Chinese girls, none of the Chinese people were there to stop them, and some of them had to get started! Most of them are strong
Why are they afraid of Japanese people? Are they not men? Aren't they Chinese men? They don't want to help their country
To help others bully! At last, a Korean man stops the bastard! This incident left me
I am very impressed. Later, the Japanese student was dismissed. I think the school is just right.

I still like China and Chinese culture, but this feeling is different from that in China. Or
Xu, the reason is too much disappointment. As a loyal student of your great culture, I would like to give you some suggestions,
Some friendly suggestions.

1. Please do not continue to boast about yourself. Please be clear about yourself. When you get on the bus, you can get in the queue without spitting words.
In Ming dynasty, he claimed to be a "state of courtesy ". When you build a world-famous company like LG and Samsung,
And claim that "21 century is ours !". When you can not go to "day" (is this word useless or wrong? My friend told me
), You can go online to talk about anti-Japanese things.

2. Respect your country and culture. You can dress like French and speak like Japanese, but please be sure
It must be Chinese. I am dumping all Chinese civilization. Why don't you?

3. If you do more things and do not talk about things you cannot do, you must do it. Not to mention yourself there
If comfort is satisfied, it is a symbol of the weak.

We have been working very hard recently. I wish you good health and the early release of SARS in China. Me
I hope you will be able to forgive and pay attention to this Korean speaker.

Hello again

I don't know what the people who have read this post think. I am really sad, even a little desperate! Is this our country?
Can we really tolerate a country that has brought us a heavy disaster and once again trample on our dignity ?! Please every young person
When people are shouting "Patriotic", do you really love yourself?
If you lose your dignity, your appearance will be ugly!

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