WiFi password hack in cdlinux environment

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  1. > Prepare the required software and the bootable USB flash drive that was made using Fbinstool in the previous tutorial

  2. 2

    > unzip cdlinux-0.9-spring-0412.iso to the root of the USB stick

  3. 3

    > Open fbinstool edit Menu.lst as follows

    Timeout 10

    Default 0

    Gfxmenu (UD)/message | | Find--set-root/message && gfxmenu/message

    ConfigFile (MD) 4+8

    Title Start Cdlinux




    Title Kon-boot

    Map--mem (UD)/kon-bootcd.iso (0xff)


    Chainloader (0xFF)

    Remember right-click to save UTF-8 format

  4. 4

    > Restart PC Select boot from USB stick

    Note: Most desktop computers press the DEL key at boot time, and most notebooks are F12 or ESC so that the boot option pops up and the boot is selected from the USB stick.

    After the USB drive boot successfully, select Start Cdlinux in the Boot menu interface.

    Just started

  5. 5

    > in Startup

  6. 6

    > Desktop Preparation

  7. 7

    > Start complete

  8. 8

    > crack Prep

    Wireless hack idea:

    1, crack is to stay until the last shot in the crack before there are many ways to get the password

    Method One: You can see the route, then write down the route WPS or click the WPS button

    Method Two: Mushroom cool, your mobile phone I give you root for a bit, so run faster, Root, steal mobile phone data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf file

    Method Three: Beauty, your home wifi is how much?   Beauty: ***& Where's the password?

    Method Four: Beauty, like a recent epidemic of a virus, can open camera candid, and many computers are poisoned, and I help you see there is poisoning

    Method Five: Bound,

    ^: Tell me, what is your WiFi password,

    V: My home wifi no password, you let me,,

    ^: What?! Will dare to tease me! Go back and set a password to let me tie you up again.

    Method Six: Try the WiFi universal key, Nani??! Why didn't you say, I bought the U-disk

    Method Seven: 、、、、、

  9. 9


  10. > Encryption Mode select WPA/WPA2 Click Scan

    Note: Scanning time is a bit longer to help get more information

  11. > attacks

    Method One, grab handshake package

    Select a strong signal and have the client online hotspot, and then click Lanch, usually within five minutes will catch the handshake package, if not successful please close the window to start again or another time to continue.

    Grab Bag Success

  12. > Click OK to select the dictionary brute force hack password

    Note: The dictionary is good or bad directly affect the crack situation, caught the handshake package will be saved under/tmp/As for the WPC file will be saved under the file system/tmp/minidwep-gtk/, the file name begins with the MAC address.

    Dictionary violence in the crack

  13. > Password successfully cracked

  14. > Method II, Reaver PIN

    Select a route with good signal and open wps to crack

    Select the signal can also be RPi

    Then click the bottom left corner sort Pincodes to sort the pin

    > Click Reaver for PIN code brute force hack

  15. > Figure crack Success

  16. > WPC File Construction

    WPC file is used to save the pin progress only need to copy and save in other locations, USB flash drive system shutdown or reboot after the change will be lost so need to copy to another disk

    In addition, only the first time Reaver a route needs to sort the pin after the pin is restored after you open the MINIDWEP-GTK scan and confirm that the target is online after copying the previous saved WPC files to/tmp/minidwep-gtk/directory at this time just select the target click Reave R can continue brute force crack remember not sort pincodes

    WPC file can be manually constructed when the file is lost or otherwise failed to save progress

  17. > Other Tools

    WirelessKeyView.exe can see the saved wireless password for this machine

    RouterPasswordKracker.exe when a route modifies a default password, you can use this for brute-force guessing or sniffing with intercepter.

    RouterPassView.exe can open the routing profile to see the broadband Account password wireless account password routing access account password

    Passlist.txt A dictionary with brute-force guessing routing passwords

    Intercepter-ng.v098.zip Powerful sniffer tools

    To give people to fish as well as to teach people to learn more detailed tutorial also than you a knowledge of the heart. So be sure to do hands-on practice, there are problems first try to solve their own.

  18. > Recommendations for enhancing routing security

    Turn off WPS

    Hide SSID

    To modify the route default login password

    WPA/WPA2 encryption

    Set Strong passwords

    Like tyv^&&*7yhygv05l/;--.

    Change your password regularly

    Check the routing log frequently

  19. > PostScript

    Cdlinux has many different package packages currently MINIDWEP-GTK has been updated to 40425 (see Cdlinux Integrated Wireless Attack kit. ISO) support for disorderly pin etc but I personally prefer 30412, there is a big choice here.

WiFi password hack in cdlinux environment

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