Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Login Password Recovery Strategy _ Password Recovery strategy

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Delete Sam file, clear Administrator account password
Find the password from the SAM file
1.l0phtcrack (LC)
3.SamInside Pro
Third, with net user command to restore the system login user password
Set up new password with password reset disk
V. Modify the screensaver file method
VI. Use software to modify passwords
Windows XP NT Password Recovery Key
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
Winternals Administrator ' s ERD Commander 2002/2003/2005
Force Change Windows2000 Local Administrator password with O&o Bluecon2000
Login Windows 2000/XP---dreampackpl without changing the password
active@ Password Changer Pro
Seven, the ancient secret technology--input method loophole
Eight, the immortal power--Hacker technical article
Nine, remote steal you didn't discuss
1. Get the password with PWDUMP4
2. Get the password with Findpass and pulist
Ten, how to get the login password in Windows 2003
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WINDOWS 2000, XP, 2003 login password recovery strategy. Chm
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