Windows 2000/XP Driver installation Issues

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We know that Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems contain a large number of hardware drivers. Combined with its Plug and Play technology can automatically identify new hardware and load hardware devices required by the driver, greatly facilitate the installation and use of the system. However, in some cases, this feature may also bring us unexpected trouble. Recently, I have had several such experiences.

Symptom: A compatible machine, the motherboard integrated AC ' 97 sound card, in the Windows 98 system for multimedia playback is normal. Recently, reinstall the Windows Server System, installed, reboot the machine, after logging into the system feel that Windows start sounds strange.

Run the "Super Jie Ba" play VCD, found that the picture is as fast as watching the video forward playback, the sound has become extremely fast and sharp thin. At first thought is the problem of the player, reinstall again "Super Jie Ba", the problem is still, swap with other player is also so. So suspect that the sound card driver is not installed, open Device Manager for viewing, did not find anything unusual; expand the "sound, video, and game controllers" entry under Device Manager and see its first item as "Intel (R) 82801ba/bam AC" Audio Controller-2445 ", seems to be no problem.

Fault reason: Carefully recall the system installation process, remember in this process the author did not install the sound card driver, but Windows 2000 automatically recognized the integrated sound card and installed its own driver. Is that the problem here? Then find the random disc, follow the instructions on the motherboard to reinstall the sound card driver. Reboot the system, and then play the VCD, incredibly all normal! And then, by expanding the "sound, video and game controllers" entry under Device Manager, you find that the first item becomes "avance AC" Audio for Intel (R) Audio Controller!

Because of the high hardware compatibility requirements of the Windows 2000 operating system, Windows 2000 systems are installed with a motherboard integrated sound card and automatically installed with the driver you carry; However, this integrated sound card is not fully compatible with Windows 2000 's own drivers , which causes the above fault phenomenon. Similar problems I have encountered under the Windows XP operating system: The installation of Windows XP Professional Edition, the system is also automatically installed network card driver, but how also on the network. Finally, reinstalling the drivers provided with the network adapter solves the problem.

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