Windows configuration startup surface installation version MySQL

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One, download the zip version of the free install version of MySQL, and unzip the installation directory below

Second, add the MySQL bin directory to the Windows path, making it possible to access commands such as MySQL.

* Encountered a strange problem, in Win10 's path added MySQL running record. But the execution of MySQL is still not found. At this point, the bin directory for MySQL is the last entry in path. Then add another entry in path (for example, path is ...; %mysql_bin%;D: \test;) You can find MYSQL in the command

Third, create the MySQL boot options file My.ini.

MySQL will search for my.ini configuration files from multiple directories such as C:, windir, installation directory , and so on. The mysql5.7.1.17 does not have a startup configuration file, and the Data folder is not set. The data directory can be created in the installation directory or where you want to store

Create the My.ini file and set the configuration as follows






#注意Windows下面, the directory path delimiter to use/, if you want to use a backslash, then \ \



Port = 3306



#不使用授权表可以登陆MYSQL, for initial launch


Four, call Initialize command, initialize. This command needs to be run with administrator privileges.

Win10 the Start Menu window icon Right-click Command Prompt (Administrator) to open


\mysqld--initialize-insecure #这个命令, after initialization, the root user is a blank password

* * You can also make configuration files that are used during initialization


After executing the command, MySQL will initialize the data storage directory and some initialization of the database's original table, including the creation of the root user.

In the Xxxxxx.err file below the Data directory directory, you can view the random password of the generated root

Five. Start the MySQL service


Five, login and change the password

If you forget your password, you can find the initialized random password from the MySQL error log.

ALTER USER ' root ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' Abcd8888 ';

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Windows configuration startup surface installation version MySQL

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