Windows 10 is not successfully installed on the new computer, and the computer cannot access the win10 system. How can this problem be solved ?, New Computer win10

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Windows 10 is not successfully installed on the new computer, and the computer cannot access the win10 system. How can this problem be solved ?, New Computer win10

I want to share with you how I was unable to install the win10 system after I bought a new laptop recently (win10 is not successfully installed on some old computers). I confirmed that the hardware is okay, the problem is that the Partition Table type of the hard disk is not correct with the hard disk partition type that is preferentially enabled or selected in the bios (the type of the win7 hard disk partition table is estimated to be MBR in the past, suddenly, win10 may be changed to GUID, And the bios of the old computer is still selected as the Legacy First boot First, that is, the hard disk type is MBR boot.) I checked it online and said yes? The GUID type (corresponding to the bios uefi type) is widely used on new computers, and the performance of solid state disks with guids is much faster... So the following uses the new computer as an example.

The solution is as follows:

Press the ESC, F1, F2, and DEL keys immediately after the boot. Because different motherboard enters the bios in different ways, most of them can enter the BIOS by pressing these keys.

After entering the bios

Select the "Start" tab, press the arrow to select "Boot Priority"-"Boot Priority", and press the Enter key to enter the UEFI First Return key (commonly used hard drive partition table for new computers, old power brain Legacy First, but must be selected in PE, BIOS is UEFI entry PE changed to GUI hard disk partition class, BIOS is Legacy. Change the entry PE to MBR ------------ here the UEFI mode is used for the new computer as an example.) on the "Exit" tab, select Save and Exit Automatic restart.

During Automatic restart, quickly press the F11 F12 key to select the preferred start, find the USB flash drive and press enter to directly enter PE (Here we recommend that you use the UEFI version of Chinese cabbage or old Mao Tao to install win pe, which is a silly one-click installation)

Click "DiskGenius" on the desktop and select your drive C (the partition where you want to install the system, which is not necessarily C). Right-click to delete the partition, create a new partition (two small partitions (ESP and MSB) will be selected when you create a new partition. The two partitions are write-pilot. Check it out) then, select the newly created partition and press the "Hard Disk" tab above, select "Convert Partition Table type to guid format", and then press "Save changes" in the upper left corner to format the C drive.

Then you can use Ghost to install the system. It is okay to install the image to the C partition. The problem that the win10 system cannot be installed is solved. I installed it dozens of times before and went crazy, to share with you... The following describes that the computer cannot be started because the disk type partition is not selected for priority boot (I just purchased a new computer with a USB flash drive and started it into PE, which causes the computer to fail to start, the prompt is as follows: I just reinstalled the system, and I threw out a bunch of things)


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