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Failure Analysis: The first suspicion is that your computer is running too slow, if you shut down Windows Media Player, but still sound, it may be that your computer is unresponsive. It is also possible that your version is the old version, always prompting you to install the new version and new features. If Windows Media Player pops up all the time and cannot be turned off, it could be a poison or a plug-in vulnerability.

Fault resolution:

One, may be the problem of the broadcast. Try to get the latest version of your Windows Media Player player updated to see if the Windows Media Player player will not shut down in the first place.

Second, if the problem of slow machine response, the machine is slow, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, call up the task Manager, close the player process. There is no such situation.

Third, a lot of netizens response to this Windows Media Player is not very useful, and now there will be pop-up window phenomenon, want to uninstall this Windows Media Player, it is recommended that you do not have to uninstall this program. Because this program uninstall may cause the computer to have an unknown failure, we will temporarily shut down its application. Here's how:

Mouse Click Start-Control Panel-Programs-turn Windows features on or off-media features to remove the hooks in front of Windows Media Player. As shown in the figure:

Four, if you want to uninstall this Windows Media Player player, the default is not deleted, here can try to boot press F8 Safe mode! Delete Windows Media Player in Safe mode if you no longer use it.

If the Windows Media Player window has been ejected and cannot be closed, then the plugin is poison in the computer. Anti-virus software can be used to kill, view is able to solve the problem. Still can not repair, then can only re-install the system to try, or to restore and system repair.

PostScript: Of course, it is possible that we play audio and video caused by the cause, it is recommended that you can change another player for, such as Storm Video, PowerDVD, Super king梁肇new, real, and so are relatively good playback software. There are a lot of players that you can try for a different player.

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