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Windows Media Player skin can be changed at will

Speaking of Windows Media Player, it can be said that no one knows about it. This famous media player not only has complete functions, but also has a gorgeous interface. In particular, its skin adds a rich color to our life. Wangyou World magazine provides a lot of beautiful Windows Media Player Skins in every issue, which adds many choices to our personalized pursuit, but have you ever thought about it, make your own skin. You must say that this is very difficult. Yes, it is really not easy. But isn't it easy for us to make changes on the already prepared skin? If you are confused, let's look at it:
Windows Media Player skin (appearance) files are generally stored in the C:/program files/Windows Media Player/skins folder by default (C indicates the disk drive letter of Windows Media Player ), after opening this folder, you can see that there are many extensions. WMZ files, these are the Windows Media Player skin (appearance), each file is a Windows Media Player skin (appearance ). It can also be said that it is a compressed package, because it contains bitmap files, PNG images, JScript files, and Windows Media Player appearance files, what we need to do is to modify bitmap files and PNG images to achieve our personalization. Now that the goal is clear, let's take action!
First, find the name of the skin to be modified (1), click the "appearance selector", select a skin to be modified, then write down its name, and go to C: in the/program files/Windows Media Player/skins folder, the files correspond to the appearance selection list in Windows Media Player. Find the name you noted down, here we will modify the miniplayer. the appearance of WMZ is described as an example.
In order not to damage the original appearance, we can copy miniplayer. wmz to a Temporary Folder. Here we copy it to "my documents" and modify it. You may find that if you double-click Windows Media Player, it will open Windows Media Player and cannot be modified at all. It doesn't matter. Since it is a compressed package, we use the compression software to open it. The specific step is: select the file, press the "shift" key, and right-click the file, select "open method ......", In the pop-up "open mode" dialog box, select the WinRAR Program (of course, other compression/Decompression programs, such as WinZip, you can click the "Browse" button to select the compression/decompression program, but the premise is that your machine must have a compression/decompression program (2 ). (Note: Do not select a single folder before "always open this file with the selected program)

You can also open it by changing its extension name to .raror .zip, and then directly open it, but then change it back .) After opening the file, you can see the file contained in it. Generally, you can know what the image corresponding to the file is based on their English name. Similarly, you can double-click it and preview it with the associated graph program. Of course, if your English is not very good, you can only extract it one by one. ^-^ (3 ).

Now I have selected the mini_frame_bkg.bmp file (interface Background File) for modification. First, I decompress the file to "my documents", and then open it with the built-in drawing program (or other image editing program) in windows, then we can directly modify it. For example, I used a text tool to input "dazhangzhuang town Industrial Park Management Committee Office" on the image ". You can overwrite the hosts file by selecting "add" in the compression/decompression program, select the file, and click "OK ). Finally, we set miniplayer. copy the WMZ file to the C:/program files/Windows Media Player/skins folder (you can change its name) to a new personalized skin (appearance) it was born (4 ). Double-click it to view the results of your work!

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