Windows Vista USB device does not install the normal solution

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Vista has been the trend of the Times, February installed on the Vista Ultimate, has been normal use, but the hard disk is relatively small, 120G, C disk only zoned 20G, and a mess of loaded a pile of things, the results of the remaining space is too small, often reported that no way to follow the way to lose weight, But make some space, but the problem also comes, first can not normal automatic update, genuine, can not automatically update, that does not die, from the internet found a solution, OK. Did not expect to encounter another difficult problem, the new USB device can not be used properly!

The specific phenomenon is that I have been using the U disk and mobile hard disk are all OK, but "outsiders" will not.

An insert is a hint. Unable to find the specified device driver, online lookups cannot be installed. This can be my big stuffy, the result is so, was a small u consolidation depressed!

Internet Google a bit or more capable Ah! In, there is a detailed introduction, simply let Vista to search Windows/system32/driverstore under the

Content, I still cannot install with the above method, the prompt has confirmed that this device is "the USB mass storage device", but cannot install correctly, because cannot find the file, faint dies. Continue to Google, finally found, with the oldest method, that is, with 98 universal USB driver. Download from the Internet down, and then in the Device Manager to update the driver, point to the path of the download, the results you guess how, became. That's no problem. More depressing. The problem is actually 98 of the way to make up, I do not really explain what reason to, who can give an explanation of the ~~~~~~

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