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I have always seen that a student account can be jailbroken, but I have always felt complicated and don't want to start.
Recently, TX has come out, and many people want to install it, but it cannot,
So I decided to study the student account jailbreak.
After reading the tutorials online, I found that many of them were incomplete, and some were only half of them. Finally, I decided to apply for them by myself.
Write a tutorial on the process of the student account, hoping to help you.

You can deploy three software for your student account. This is enough for me.
Software, when encountering particularly fun software, install the software with the student account.

This jailbreak is divided into three steps,
Step 1: register a student account
Step 2: log on to the app hub to register your mobile phone
Step 3: install the software (the premise is that Zune & SDK has been installed on your computer)

Okay. Let's do it with me.

Step 1: register a student account

1 registered

Enter the name as needed.

Registered successfully

2 login

Keep it after logon. Do not close the email window.

3. login Ru = https % 3a % 2f % % 2 fsummarypage & lic = 1

Click your own email address to use the eud account you just applied.

Then fill in the relevant information. I fill in all the information. The region is selected from the United States and the zip code is from New York.

After successful registration, log on to your mailbox to confirm the completion of the live ID registration.

The following information is displayed after logon.

Click send email
An email will be sent to the edu mailbox you just registered,

Sometimes the time may be longer. Wait a moment and you will receive an email.

Then open the email

Copy the link in the email to open in a new window.

Click OK.

4 login student center (Microsoft DreamSpark)

In the upper-left corner of the page, find (sing in) and click Login. The password is the password you set to activate the live account.

Sign in the upper right corner
Then log on. (on my computer, click it to log on automatically)

Then find the left

Select the second item and proceed step by step.

Then you can see an email in your edu mailbox.

Copy your activation code to log on to the
Paste the activation code and click Verify. Congratulations! Your student developer identity is verified successfully!

The student account is successfully registered.

Step 2: register the APP hub account.
Open Web:

Game over.

Step 3: deploy the software.
Open zune, connect to the mobile phone, log on to the edu mailbox, and add the edu account to the mobile phone,

Edu live account registered before Zune Logon

Enable the windows phone developver registry software that is automatically installed when the SDK is installed.
The mobile phone connects to the computer and zune. The screen of the mobile phone is on.

When you open the software, there will be a Retry in the lower right corner of the Software. Click

This will happen.

Then enter the live account,

This will show that the operation is successful,

Now let's install a software. What I installed is.
Open Application Deployment and find the downloaded software,

Now, the tutorial is over. I wish you a happy New Year, a pleasant jailbreak, and a pleasant game !!

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