Windows Server 2008 Installation Microsoft ActiveSync 6.1 tips for missing a Windows Mobile device hub required

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Windows Server 2008 installs WinCE synchronization software that requires the installation of Microsoft ActiveSync 6.1 version.
and cannot install activesync| Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 version of the.

In addition, we always pop up a dialog box during installation to prompt for the missing Windows components required by a Windows Mobile device center.

because the Windows 2008 system does not have the desktop experience turned on function , so this problem will occur.

turn on the desktop experience function the method is as follows:

One: Click Start menu → Run command, enter "Services.msc" and return to open the Services dialog box, locate the "Themes" service item, double-click to open it, and change "Startup Type" to "automatic".

Two: On the Start menu → administrative tools, locate Server Manager, click Features on the left pane, then click Add Features in the right pane to open the Add Features Wizard, select the bottom-down second "desktop experience" to add the installation desktop experience,

Three: Then restart your computer to install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center v6.1 correctly.

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Windows Server 2008 Installation Microsoft ActiveSync 6.1 tips for missing a Windows Mobile device hub required

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