Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 Management 11 Active Directory Recycle Bin

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This article introduces the most prestigious 2008r2 in the domain of the Active Directory Recycling station, the Recycle Bin, as the name suggests: that is, delete can be restored. Otherwise, in 2008 of the domain can only back up the database, and then delete, and then restore users from the database, The specific procedure can refer to Song Yang's blog. But for the 2008r2 domain, with the Active Directory Recycle Bin, we test and mistakenly delete no longer worry!

You only need to enable the Active Directory Recycle Bin feature.

Prerequisites: The forest and domain levels must be 2008r2 levels, level 2008 cannot use the Active Directory Recycle Bin, or use the DC to upgrade the schema and domain using ADPREP.

If the 2008r2 level is not selected when 2008R2DC is installed, it is also necessary to advance to 2008r2

This article is divided into 1 environment Preparation 2 enable Active Directory Recycle Bin and 3 test Delete recovery

1. Environmental preparedness

The following figure, on the user and computer, right-click on the domain-raise the domain functional level, visible my domain level is already 2008r2, can not ascend, if not promoted, will see the promotion option here.

The following illustration is a forest-level elevation action, right-click on domain and trust relationships-raise forest functional level

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