Windows tips: Make Windows XP boot password more powerful

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In fact, Windows XP also has a safer "Start password", which is displayed before the user password and can also generate a key disk. If you set it, your Windows XP is more secure. Let's create this "Start password ".

1. Set the start Password

Select "Start> Run", enter the "syskey" command in the "run" dialog box, pop up the "ensure database security for Windows XP Accounts" interface, and click "Update. On the "Start password" page, click "Start password", enter the password when the system starts, and confirm again. Then, click "OK.

To cancel the System Startup Password, click "Save Startup Password on local computer" under "system generated password" on the "Start password" page, after confirmation, the system password will be saved to the hard disk, and the START password window will no longer appear when the computer is started next time.

The "Start password" is displayed when the system starts. After the system is restarted, the system prompts you to enter the "Start password ", after you enter the correct password, the Windows XP Logon interface will appear. After you enter the user name and password, you are completely logged on to the system. Now your system has dual password protection.

2. Create a "key disk"

A "key disk" is equivalent to a key. during startup, only the key disk can open the start password. Currently, many software uses this method to encrypt the software. It is very easy to create a "key disk". In the "run" dialog box, enter the "syskey" command and click the "Update" button on the "ensure database security for Windows XP Accounts" interface, on the "Start password" Page, select "Save the start password on a floppy disk" under "system generated password ". After you click the "OK" button, you will be prompted to enter the password, and then you will be asked to insert a key in the drive to create a "key disk". Click the "OK" button after the insertion. After you restart the computer, the system will prompt you to insert a "key disk". If you do not have this disk, you cannot start the computer. If you need to cancel or change the start password, you need to insert this key disk to change it.

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