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First, the source code description This is a very beautiful imitation of the Rabbit decoration Portal source code, the function is very complete, using a typical three-layer architecture technology, more suitable for two times development or enterprise self-use, it is worth recommending, interested friends Welcome to download OH.

? Second, the function introduction     The source code mainly includes the foreground and the backstage two major parts, the specific function as follows:    website front-end module: mainly includes the user's login registration, find my home, Design and quotation, decoration company, online purchase,     Quiz online, owner Management Center, Exchange forum and other functions.     Background Module     1, System Management: Manage Home page, site configuration, Administrator management, add Administrator.     2, Management: House category management, Space category management, style type management, local category management, business Space category management,     cost category management, home Improvement management, public installation management.     3, Real Estate management: Real estate information management, decoration design scheme, real estate management, real estate questions and answers management.     4, design and quotation: Design and quotation management.     5, decoration Company: Decoration Company management, company article management, company news management, Enterprise certificate management, company case management, Elite     team management, construction site management, Word of mouth records management.     6, question and answer management: Question and answer category management, all problem management, all answer management, problem-seeking management.     7, the owner management: The owner management, Grade management, add grade, prize management, add prizes, receiving address, award records,     Upgrade strategy, rights management.     8, designer management: Designer Management.     9, Forum Management: Forum category management, Forum management.     10, Group Purchase management: Group purchase category management, group Purchase management, add Group purchase, order management.     11, Article management: article management, add articles, comments management.     12, AD Management: Category management, add categories, ad management, add ads.     13, Link Management: Link management, add links.

?    Third, note 1, the background administrator user name password are: 51aspx, the front office owner user name password is 123456.    2. The development environment is visual Studio 2010, the database is SQL Server 2005, and the database files are developed in the Db_51aspx folder using. NET 4.0. 3. The default database connection string is modified in the Webconfig configuration file.

WL Imitation tu ba rabbit decoration portal Source Contact qq:847129860

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