Wolverine Wolverine Athletics game Mouse how?

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  Wolverine Wolverine Athletics game Mouse How ? Have a game mouse that fits you.

1, Open the box Introduction: Wolverine (ICE Wolf) Athletics game mouse, professional game mouse. Large box, the packing is good, I do not know how to open. Introduction: Invincible Game weapon, alloy site structure, optical game engine, colorful cool lights, free to switch four different colors, to create your exclusive game equipment. Oh, open, I found it, it's a buckle. Open this layer can only be seen through the plastic packaging see the mouse, can not get, and then open from the end of the seal to see the mouse, very beautiful, the mouse line is long enough.

2, Design: Silver-gray body, with stripes on the top, as well as light part of the light. Left and right key, two buttons on the left-hand side, and OPI keys on the top of the wheel. Looks very professional, beautiful enough to look good.

3, Parameter Introduction: Tracking Performance: Resolution: 8000-1200-1600-2500DPI; maximum acceleration: 30G; maximum return: 37 in/S. Durability: Press: Super 5 million times, mobile distance life: 250-kilometer, wheel life 500,000 times.

4, the use of experience: plug in the mouse, color is very beautiful, mobile sensitive, keypad sound small, feel good.

5, Summary: All aspects of the mouse is very good, is a bit large, not suitable for the hands of small people use.

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