Wpa2 wireless network password cracking

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Steps for cracking a Wireless Router password:

1-2 minutes: connect the laptop with a network cable to the wireless router and log on to the wireless router

Step 01

Use a network cable to connect the LAN port of the laptop and wireless router. This step cannot replace the wired network with wireless. Some wireless routers do not allow wireless connection and configuration by default.

Step 02

Open IE, enter in the address bar, and enter the default user name and password. Currently, the initial IP addresses of most wireless routers are, and may also be The Default usernames and passwords are usually admin, admin, root, and root. For details, please take a look at the description. Such content descriptions are generally clear.

In Vista, to set the IP address, go to the Start Menu → Control Panel → network and Internet → view network status and tasks → manage network connections → local connection → right-click and select "properties" → Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IP V4) → properties → select "use the following IP address" and enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway, enter the IP address of the local DNS server in the DNS server below or use

3-5 minutes: it is important to set the wireless connection of the router.

This step will complete the setting of wireless routers in terms of security and connection. Different routers in this step may be different, but the principle is similar.

Step 01 www.2cto.com

Go to "Network Settings" in basic settings, with wireless network settings. Note the following:

Here, you can set an SSID, that is, the name of the Access Point. You can set it at will, but it is best not to use special characters. Please use 26 letters and numbers. We recommend that you hide the SSID, that is, disable "SSID broadcast ".

Set the wireless mode. You can specify whether to support 802.11G, 802.11b, or hybrid mode. Generally, select the default value, that is, "hybrid.

For some third-party firmware or vrouters with rich configuration options, you can set the wireless mode to AP or bridge, and set it to "Wireless Access Point AP" here.

The channel is set to a non-conflicting frequency band, which can be kept by default. If a conflict affects Internet access, set it separately.

Some models have wireless settings on an independent "wireless network" tab, and some models have wireless options in "Advanced Settings. However, the settings are similar.

Step 02

Set security options. The security option is very important. It allows others to affect the network speed, while others can intrude into your computer through the wireless network, so you can do whatever you want. Therefore, security must be ensured.

1. The main point of this step is to select the correct security mode. We recommend that you use WPA Personal, that is, "WPA Personal", and select "AES" for encryption ", enter a password that is long enough and complex enough, for example, "d ## # * & UI (* (UJJIUIYIYYEYHY, it is difficult to crack passwords that contain numbers, special characters, and letters.

2. If the clients accessing the Internet are relatively fixed, that is to say, the wireless LAN is used by several fixed laptops, you can also limit the MAC address for better security. To restrict the MAC address, you can set it in "wireless filtering", add a specific MAC address to it, and set it to allow only these MAC addresses to access the wireless network.

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