Zoho Mail free enterprise Post Office application and binding custom domain name settings and use process

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1. Official website of Zoho free enterprise Post Office
The code is as follows: Copy code
Website: https://www.zoho.com/mail/zohomail-pricing.html
We can see that the enterprise Post Office provided by Zoho currently has free and paid accounts, but we generally use them for general purposes and the free accounts are sufficient. (There is a trick here. We must go to the. COM domain name and never run into the zoho.com.cn domain name, because the two are completely different accounts and are not smooth .)

2. Zoho free enterprise Post Office account registration

From the above free and paid solutions, we can see the price comparison of different accounts and functions. However, for our general users, there is basically little money to purchase. Therefore, we must select and register a free account like Lao Jiang.

According to the account information prompt, we enter the domain name information that needs to be set for the domain name Post Office, and the registration information for our registered ZOHO account. After entering the information, you can directly submit the registration button for registration. Here, Lao Jiang simply uses the laojiang. me domain name as a drill test.

After submitting the application, we will wait for confirmation. It takes several seconds to see the figure above. Therefore, the free Post Office account is created on the page. The mailbox size is 5 GB. You can use 25 accounts and bind one domain name. This is generally enough. If you are not enough, you can apply for an account. In this way, we can directly go to the panel to see the free enterprise Post office we have applied for. The application is simple, and our backup mailbox needs to be activated.

Third, Zoho free enterprise Post Office verification and use

Although we have successfully registered and can log on to the panel through the above steps, our enterprise Post Office is still unavailable. We need to verify and bind the submitted domain name to prove that the domain name is our own.

1. Select a domain name registrar and bind a CNAME

Old Jiang reiterated that we must be in ZOHO. COM. COM. under the CN account, it also needs to scan the ID card and other complicated matters.

As prompted, we will add the automatically generated CNAME alias from zoho to the alias record of the current domain name. Click "verify" after adding and wait for the button to take effect. The effective time depends on the DNS resolution speed used by the domain name.

2. Create an administrator email

If you can perform step 2, the alias verification is correct. Then we need to set up the postmaster, which we can define at will.

3. Add enterprise Post Office users

In fact, after the postmaster is set up, we can use it. However, if we need to set up a post office account for the group, we can set it based on the actual prefix.

For a free Zoho account, you can set up 25 users. Generally, this is sufficient for common users or teams. In fact, I only need an administrator post office.

4. Set MX records

At the beginning, we set an alias to verify the ownership of the domain name. However, we still need to add two MX records to accept and send emails.

5. Mail client configuration

Here we can also refer to the official documentation to set up the client to accept and send emails, for example, I like to use the OUTLOOK client to see the setting documentation.

IV. Zoho free enterprise Post Office Summary

After the preceding steps are complete, you can use the ZOHO free enterprise Post Office to send and receive emails online. You can also refer to the client mentioned above to receive emails. We can also download ISO or Android client mobile terminals to receive and send emails.

From the perspective of experience, Lao Jiang personally thinks that there is only one additional free enterprise Post Office option, but the actual operation is not as convenient as that of Alibaba or Tencent domain name Post Office, therefore, I personally suggest using the Tencent domain name Post Office. Slightly different from the General Post Office, ZOHO also has document management functions, such as memos and notes, but we generally don't seem to be able to use them.

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