Zune download installation using graphics and text tutorial

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zune Download Installation Tutorial:

1. Double-click the installation package, install, pop-up Microsoft's Copyright window, click Accept to enter the installation interface

2. Prompt installer to be ready, click on the Installation button, you can automatically start the installation (Zune does not support the custom installation directory)

3. The program starts to install automatically.

4. Installation complete, click Start, Zune can automatically start running

5. First run Zune,zune will prompt to start configuring the program, if you are novice, recommend direct click Start

6. New page, Zune requires you to enter a favorite singer name. If you are not very fond of listening to the song, you can skip (enter the domestic singer is invalid)

7. After setting up, turn off Zune, open Start menu, go to Control Panel, select Region and Language, select Area label, change current position to: USA

8. Reboot the Zune later, as shown in the figure, there are several more features:

The main interface is divided into several chunks:

Top, return keys, QuickPlay, Favorites, store, socail, equipment, set 丨 Help, Login, window control

Middle: Locked Area (screenshot not marked), recent update, history

Lower: three function keys (mouse pointing will be indicated), music playback control area

The media that appears on the main interface can be clicked directly to play and preview. including audio and video, image files.

Play, the upper left corner has a large return key, you can return to the superior menu, here no more screenshots.

You can see the second button, the favorites, that is, the native Media Library.

In fact, this media library is your own settings, and due to the limitations of WindowsPhone playback format, in addition to MP4, WMV and other mobile phones can play the format, other videos will not appear in the collection.

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