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Analysis of the advantages of the programming language PHP in the Web development field. In the eyes of most WEB developers, ASP and JSP are regarded as leaders, while PHP is regarded as a weak "struggling ", in other words, it is a language used by the majority of WEB developers. ASP and JSP are regarded as leaders, PHP, however, is regarded as a weak "struggling", or a language used by people who are devalued as the remainder, and is not worthy of competition in enterprise WEB development. In my opinion, the reason why PHP is not regarded as a competitor is that the reviewer lacks the knowledge of it and does not know any other operating systems used for WEB development. Contrary to some ideas, Windows no longer occupies the largest share of the we vm service market. I guess it is also under attack in the WEB development field.

Why is PHP absent in enterprise development?

Obviously, PHP is regarded as lagging behind ASP and JSP, so that it is useless, but this is precisely different from the facts. PHP itself is a powerful language. In fact, it is available on LINUX of each release, and on Mac OS X. Building-block tools and software for developing and using PHP code are free of charge. The commercial integrated development environment (IDES) used to develop PHP applications can also be found-Komodo (which runs on LINUX and Windows) and Zend Studio (this application can run on any operating system with a JAVA Runtime Environment ). The fact that you can run a website built by PHP on almost every WEB virtual host, rather than considering what operating system the server is running, makes PHP more attractive.

What can PHP provide?

First, let's forget something around PHP for a while, and consider what PHP itself can provide. It is a strong server-side language that provides a considerable number of features and can quickly provide services for pages. Easy to use. anyone who uses C or Perl or another language with similar styles and syntaxes can quickly get started with PHP. Although it is designed for use on the WEB, it can also be used as a command line language. Does the WEB application you are writing need to execute some code every hour or every day? With cron or similar scheduler manager, you can plan to execute PHP code as you want, and use common commands to explain scripts or batch files to execute such code. You do not need to automatically call the browser to view a specific webpage to execute your events. you do not need to rely on the clicks of visitors to tell your system: specific code needs to be executed at specific times. The fact that PHP is scalable in this field is absolutely attractive.

Benefits of PHP

I am not a veteran of JSP or ASP, and I do not want to belittle these languages here. On the contrary, I will focus on the benefits of PHP.


PHP allows you to provide localized services for website visitors. When a user clicks to enter the website, the website will automatically provide the page to the user in his/her mother tongue based on their browser settings. To achieve this, you do not need to use complex files for language translation, but use the same capabilities as the localized C program through a system called gettext. If the requested language file exists, the text displayed by the user is the mother tongue. if the language file does not exist, the text is the default English or any other language you specify. Many localized UNIX applications use gettext as the standard, making it easy for third-party translation.

Easy to use command line

PHP supports setting and executing command line programs as needed. Using the standard UNIX diff tool, it can generate the difference between the last modification of an error and the current comment that you want to send to the wrong owner using an email. The PHP code executes diff on the two files written in the system and uses the output as the input to generate an email to be sent. This email is sent by PHP.

Other benefits

The above are only two of the powerful functions I have used in my own program, and other functions. For example, you can:

Instantly create simple Flash animations. Create PDF documents instantly. Use advanced mathematical functions and object-oriented programming technology. Read and write data to local and IMAP mailboxes.

Any standard Internet protocol can be used in PHP. Want to write a PHP-based FTP, WEB, or news client? No problem! With PHP only, you can compile the client and server using the standard TCP/IP socket and create your own protocol.
Supports encryption and various database servers.

Lack of foresight comments

I think it is extremely short-sighted to find top-level WEB development languages and exclude PHP. I have been writing code using PHP for many years. whether it's an advanced feature like the error tracking system, or simply reusing common features like headers and footers, I have written all of them in PHP. I have written semi-static pages in PHP and full-featured multimedia demos. I am not the only one who uses PHP. If PHP is not worth noting, why is it the fastest growing language in WEB development if it is just a language for pediatrics or enthusiasts? If it is not as powerful as ASP or JSP, why is it used on a WEB site with huge traffic? For example, Yahoo is said to have been built by PHP.

Developers are used to familiar products

I'm sure ASP and JSP have their respective strengths, but I believe that people use them not because they can provide more powerful functions than PHP, but because they are already known, and want to write code in the way you are used. Excluding PHP, it can only indicate ignorance of this language.


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