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Ajax PHP Chat Room Instance Code
But it must be based on the following terms:
Signature You must clearly indicate the name of the author.
* Non-commercial use. You may not use the current work for commercial purposes.
* Stay consistent. If you change, transform, or construct a new work based on the current work, you should distribute the final work in exactly the same agreement as the current agreement
* For any two use or distribution, you must make it clear to others that the current work's license terms
* With the explicit permission of the author, certain terms here may be waived

This convention is a simple and easy-to-read summary of legal texts (complete agreements)
Parameter Setting ****************
Show online users

$disonline = true;
The number of recent items displayed in the new login (default is 30)
$leastnum = 30;
The default room name (the default is to change a file every day), if you remove D, it is a month to change a file
$room = Date ("y-m-d");
Room save path, must end with/
$roomdir = "rooms/";
Encoding method
$charset = "Utf-8";
Maximum number of content bars displayed by client (not too large recommended)
$maxdisplay = 300;

$lang = Array (
Chat Room Description
"description" = "Welcome to the mini Ajax chat room." Latest Version 1.2. Download please go to www.bKjia.c0m ",
Chat room Title
"Title" = "Mini Ajax Chatroom by Longbill",
The first one to chat room welcome
"Firstone" = "Welcome to Longbill's Mini Ajax chatroom!",
Display when information has forbidden content
"Ban" = "I am a pig!",
Key words
"keywords" = "chat room, mini, small, ajax,chat,chatroom,longbill,bkjia.c0m,php, web Effects",
Speech tips
"Hereyourwords" = "Speak here!"

Error_reporting (e_all ^ e_notice ^ e_warning);
Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ");

$get _past_sec = 3; If you find a missing message, you can adjust the value appropriately.
$touchs = 10; Check the time interval for online people

if (!function_exists ("file_get_contents"))
function file_get_contents ($path)
if (!file_exists ($path)) return false;
$fp = @fopen ($path, "R");
$all =fread ($fp, FileSize ($path));
Fclose ($FP);
return $all;

if (!function_exists ("file_put_contents"))
function file_put_contents ($path, $val)
$fp = @fopen ($path, "w");
Fputs ($fp, $val);
Fclose ($FP);
return true;

$title = $lang ["title"];
$earlier = 10;
$description = $lang ["description"];
$origroom = $room;
$least = ($_get["Dis"]) intval ($_get["Dis"): $leastnum;
$touchme = $_post[' Touchme ');
if (!is_dir ($roomdir)) @mkdir ($roomdir) or Die ("error when creating folder $roomdir");
$room = $_get[' "");
if (! $room) $room = $_post["Guest"];
$room = Checkfilename ($room);
if (! $room) $room = $origroom;
$filename = $roomdir. $room. ". Dat.php ";
$datafile = $roomdir. $room. ". PHP ";
if (!file_exists ($filename)) @file_put_contents ($filename, "." N ". Time ()." | ". $lang ["Firstone"]. " n ");
if (!file_exists ($datafile)) @file_put_contents ($datafile, "." n ");
$action = $_post["Action"];

function Checkfilename ($file)
if (! $file) return "";
$file = Trim ($file);
$a = substr ($file,-1);
$file = Eregi_replace ("^[.\/]*", "", $file);
$file = Eregi_replace ("[. \/]*$", "", $file);
$arr = Array (".. /","./","/","\",".. \",".\");
$file = Str_replace ($arr, "", $file);
return $file;

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http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/632034.html www.bkjia.com true http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/632034.html techarticle PHP Tutorial/* Ajax PHP Chat room instance code but must be based on the following terms: * attribution. You must clearly indicate the name of the author. * Non-commercial use. You may not use the current work for business ...

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