Android development from entry-level to proficient

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Android development from entry-level to proficient

This is an awesome list of tips for android.

If you are a beginner, this list will be the first choice for you when you have a difficult time.

WelcomeStarandFork, your support is my greatest affirmation.


So far, I have learned about Android. Fortunately, with the help of powerful search engines and selfless dedication, those pitfalls have been successfully completed.

In order to avoid the trouble of searching again when I encounter the same problem in the future, I developed the habit of adding bookmarks. As the bookmarks (Tips) accumulate over time, I think, it's time to have this project.

If you are new to Android and are not good at searching or do not know where to start, I believe this list will become your first choice.

Of course, this list is not perfect. Unfortunately, there is no pitfall you are stepping on, or you have a better Tips for a problem. Please share it with us, let's maintain this project together!

You can submit the request in the form of Pull request. Of course, you also welcome Star and Fork :)

Due to various problems, the link may not be accessible. In this case, you are welcome to submit an Issue. Contributers can also use the URLChecker in Utils to check the validity of the link in the list. You can change it to a new valid connection, alternatively, you can save the document that requires a ladder in the Utils/Content directory in Markdown format and specify the original article link and author.



1. Installing ADB on Windows 7
2. Common Android ADB commands
3. Use of Android development and debugging tool ADB
4. Android uses Wifi to debug your application
5. Adb connection Error: the remote host forces an existing connection to be closed.
1. Simple and common SimpleBaseAdapter for Android
2. Android data Adapter optimization: Efficient ViewHolder
3. Android quick development series to create a omnipotent ListView GridView Adapter
1. android Process Communication: AIDL
2. Android AIDL Usage Details
3. android cross-process communication (IPC): Using AIDL
4. Implementation of cross-process communication in Android (I) -- remote call process and aidl
5. How to configure the AIDL file in Android Studio
1. Asynchronous Http Client for Android
2. Quick Android Development Series: Android-Async-Http
3. Basic usage of the android-async-http Framework library
Android Studio
1. Android Studio import Project
2. Simple settings of Android Studio
3. Introduction to Android Studio and how to import jar packages and third-party open-source libraries
4. Android Studio tutorials (1)
5. How to manage projects using Git and Github in Android Studio
6. Android Studio authoritative tutorial
7. Android Studio technology that improves work efficiency in multiples
8. Shortcut Keys for Android Studio (Windows)
9. Android Studio detailed tutorial Summary
10. What are the tricks of Android Studio?
1. AQuery Image Loading
2. Android-query framework (I)
1. Complete parsing of Android AsyncTask, which gives you a thorough understanding of the source code.
2. Simple usage of AsyncTask in Android
3. Android Developers: Do you actually use AsyncTask?
4. In-depth analysis of AsyncTask, multi-sample Edition
1. Introduction to AndroidAnnotations framework
2. How to stop an animation (cancel () does not work)

1. Image Processing
2. How to load BitmapFactory. options in a custom Layout in Android
3. BitmapShader of Android Study Notes
4. Android optimizes Bitmap to avoid OutOfMemoryError
5. Android asynchronously loads images and uses LruCache and SD card or mobile phone cache for smooth performance.
6. Poor Android development: How much memory does your Bitmap occupy?
1. [Android] BroadCast mechanism application and instance
2. Go to Android --- component> Broadcast Receiver)
3. [Android] dynamically register a broadcast Receiver

1. How to Define Callbacks in Android?
2. A classic example allows you to fully understand the java callback mechanism.
3. Java design mode-callback function and observer Mode
1. Introduction and use of the new Android5.0 control CardView
2. Android CardView Example
3. Android CardView Widget-Add Cards to a List using RecyclerView
Configuration Change
1. Problems Caused by Android Configuration change and Solutions
2. Handling Runtime Changes
1. android learning-context and getApplicationContext ()
2. Explanation of Context in Android ---- Context you do not know
3. Difference between getContext (), getApplicationContext (), getBaseContext () and "this"
1. CoordinatorLayout and Rolling Processing
2. Handling Scrolls with CoordinatorLayout

1. Download a file with Android, and showing the progress in a ProgressDialog
2. the Java Server supports source code for resumable upload. [Support express and thunder]
3. multi‑thread Java breakpoint File Download
4. Download Android Background Service (1)
5. Android Network Programming-resumable download of Files
6. android multi-thread resumable download 1


1. EventBus Usage Details (1) -- Preliminary use of EventBus
2. EventBus for fast Android Development Series Communication
3. You are out of Android EventBus if you have never heard of it.

1. Complete parsing of Android Fragment, everything you need to know about Fragment
2. Everything you should know about Android Fragment
3. Fragment of the Android series (ii) ---- Fragment lifecycle and return stack
4. Virgins Android (9) --- Fragment-Fragment lifecycle and rollback Stack
5. Fragment notes
6. Practical Android skills: Fragment's pitfalls
7. Explanation of android fragment 4: fragment Management
8. Nested use of Android Fragment (Nested Fragments)
FlowLayout-custom stream Layout
1. Android custom ViewGroup-implement FlowLayout-this article is from [Zhang Hongyang's blog]

1. Glide: an image loading and slow-saving library focusing on smooth scrolling
2. Introduction to the image loading library Glide recommended by Google
1. Use Gradle to build your android Program
2. Android Studio series tutorial 4-Gradle Basics
3. Use Gradle to build an Android Project
4. Use Gradle to manage your Android Studio Project
5. flexible and powerful building system Gradle
6. Gradle Android cocould not find method testPackage ()
7. Android Studio 1.0 Gradle Error with getConfiguration ()
8. Android Packaging
9. A deep understanding of Gradle in Android
10. gradle build fails on lint task
11. "Gradle Version 2.10 is required." Error
1. Experience in using the ORM framework greenDAO
2. simple comparison between SQLite database framework ORMLite and GreenDao
3. Introduce GreenDAO in AndoridStudio
1. Entry 8 to Android: GridView)
2. Use Volley to load network images in the GridView
3. Add space to top and bottom of GridView

1. Android hot update implementation principle
2. Online hotfix solution for Android apps
3. Nuwa
1. Handler and his friends
1. [Android] ImageView. ScaleType setting illustration
Immersive Full-Screen Mode
1. Using Immersive Full-Screen Mode
1. Android series tutorial 10: Intents and Intent Filters (1)
2. Android advanced tutorial (17th) --- two methods (Serializable and Parcelable) for passing objects by Intent in Android )!
3. Intent filter details about the Action and Category attributes --- With instance source code
4. Usage of startActivityForResult
5. Android Development notes-passing class objects through Intent

Java 8
1. Modern Java-A Guide to Java 8
2. Java 8 series-simple guide to Java 8
1. Android series --- JSON data parsing
2. android json parsing and simple examples
3. Open-source Android library-Gson Google's official json Parsing Library
4. DataContract4A-Simplified Json parsing and generation
1. Hello JNI

1. Kotlin Programming Language
2. Kotlin Chinese site
3. Use Kotlin for Android Development

1. ListFragment of Android App components -- Description and example
2. Android uses ListFragment to display the list
1. Respond to the Click Event of the internal button of the ListView in the Activity
1. Logger Tool
2. KLog

1. Java uses MessageDigest to obtain the MD5 details of strings or files
2. MessageDigest
Material Design
1. Google Material Design: Everything You Need to Know
2. An extension ation in Material Design
3. Thanks to Google for its 30 years of experience in animation design
4. Codelab for Android Design Support Library used in I/O Rewind Bangkok session
1. Introduction to MVP in Android
2. MVP in Android
3. MVP Architecture Analysis of Philm, an open-source project
4. A new idea for implementing the MVP model in android
5 .? About the MVP mode of Android

1. Easy Navigation Drawer with Design Support Library
1. Android -- Notifications notes
2. simple use of Android learning Notification

1. Android quick development series ORMLite framework best practices
2. ORMLite of Android ORM framework
1. Open-Source Project OkHttpPlus-supports GET, POST, UI thread callback, JSON format parsing, chain calling, file upload and download
2. It's time for Android OkHttp to fully parse OkHttp.

1. Parcelable Interface Usage in Android
1. Obtain Application (Package) Information in Android ----- use of PackageManager (1)
2. [Android]: obtain information about the installed apk files (PackageInfo and ResolveInfo) on your mobile phone (Application images, application names, and Package Names)
3. Android obtains information about installed applications (icons, names, version numbers, and packages)
4. About how to install the apk under the assets file in android
1. Extracting Colors to a Palette with Android Lollipop
2. New Features of Android Lollipop-Palette
1. PreferenceActivity (preference setting page)
2. Android setting interface and Preference usage
1. Official Picasso website and javadoc
2. picasso resolution of the cache library for Android image download

React Native
1. React Native for Android getting started Tiger
2. Initial React Native For Android experience
1. Java references StrongReference, SoftReference, WeakReference, and PhantomReference
2. Basics of Java 7-strong references, weak references, soft references, and virtual references
1. detailed usage of RecyclerView (1)
2. Android RecyclerView uses completely parsed controls to experience artistic experience
3. A Guide to Android RecyclerView and CardView
4. Android-RecyclerView-Item Click Event settings
5. Why doesn' t RecyclerView have onItemClickListener ()? And how RecyclerView is different from Listview?
6. Create RecyclerView with multiple view type
7. Simple RecyclerView Divider
1. RxJava: Reactive Extensions for the JVM
2. Explanation of RxJava for Android Developers
3. NotRxJava Special Guide
1. Java RandomAccessFile usage

1. Detailed explanation of the search box in Android (3) -- SearchView
1. Differences between Parcelable and Serializable in Android
2. Android: Difference between Parcelable and Serializable?
1. the Android Service is completely parsed. Everything you need to know about the Service (on)
2. ExecutorService
3. Basic Android skills: Use of IntentService
4. Android basic notes (11)-Service basics and precautions and communication between Activity and Service
1. Android SharedPreferences usage and principles
2. Why does Google design OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener like this?
3. Usage of SharedPreferences in multiple processes and precautions
1. Use SparseArray to replace HashMap for Android Application Performance Optimization
2. Android SparseArray
3. Use SparseArray to replace HashMap for Android Performance Optimization
4. Implementation and optimization of HashMap
1. Explanation of SQLite applications in Android
2. SQLite for ANDROID Development
3. Use an embedded relational SQLite database to store data
4. Android saves the database to the SD card
Support Library
1. Android Support compatibility package details
2. Introduction to various Android Support libraries
3. Changes to Android Support Library 23.1
1. Android SwipeRefreshLayout
2. pull-down refresh-swipeRefreshLayout

1. Remove underline from links in TextView
2. What is the default text size on Android?
3. Which unit of measurement does the Paint. setTextSize (float) use?
4. How to set unit for Paint. setTextSize ()
5. Android Center text on canvas
1. The onInterceptTouchEvent and onTouchEvent in Android will be fully understood in two minutes )!
2. The order in which MotionEvent events are transmitted in onInterceptTouchEvent () and onTouchEvent ()
3. Android Deeper (00)-Touch event distribution Response Mechanism
1. ThreadPoolExecutor Operation Mechanism
2. ThreadPoolExecutor usage and thinking (I)-three implementation differences between thread pool size setting and BlockingQueue
3. Java concurrent programming: Callable, Future, and FutureTask
4. Java 7 multi-thread pool-Callable and Future
5. Java 7 multi-thread pool principle (1)
6. Interaction between Android threads (Java synchronized & Android Handler)
7. Android -- Handler of Multithreading
8. Use of thread pools in Java (Android)
9. Java (Android) thread pool

Unit Test
1. Android unit test
2. Don't Test Blindly: The Right Methods for Unit Testing Your Java Apps
3. Perform unit test and UI test in Android Studio

1. Android ViewPager Usage Details
2. ViewPager + Fragment sliding tab
3. [mobile development] Use Fragment + ViewPager in Android
4. Android hands-on teaches you how to customize ViewGroup (1) This article is from: [Zhang Hongyang's blog]
5. nested ViewPager in ScrollView of Android
1. Android LayoutInflater principle analysis, which gives you a step-by-step insight into View (1)
2. View rendering process and invalidate () in Android
3. Analysis of the measure process, WRAP_CONTENT explanation, and xml layout file parsing process in Android (I)
4. Android development: LayoutParams usage
5. Saving Android View state correctly
1. Android ViewFlipper Usage Analysis
2. Android sliding effect (1) -- ViewFlipper
1. Android-use VideoView to play a video
2. Playing a video in VideoView in Android
3. Position Video Inside a VideoView
1. Android Volley
2. Complete parsing of Android Volley (1), basic usage of Volley
3. usage of the Android library Volley
4. Network request library Volley
5. Volley source code parsing
6. Use okHttp, Volley, and Gson to quickly assemble HttpClinet

1. WebView details
2. How does Java interact with JavaScript?
3. Android and js interaction instances
4. Interaction between Java and JavaScript in Android
5. Webview with a progress bar on the top
6. Android WebView video playback Problems
7. Understand WebKit and Chromium: Chromium WebView on Android 4.4
8. How to ensure secure mutual calls between JS and Java in WebView
9. Android WebView Js object injection vulnerability Solution

Code Style
1. Java programming specifications
2. Android naming rules (improving code readability)
3. Code Style Guidelines for Contributors

1. Pro Git
2. GitHub cheats
3. git-Simple Guide
4. Github-based Open-Source Project Guide
5. Use git and github for collaborative development

6. How to use GitHub efficiently

7. Liao Xuefeng's GIT getting started tutorial
8. GitHub & Git Basics
9. git-flow memo list

1. Release the project to Jcenter for Android Studio
2. Upload the Library to Jcenter.
3. Use Gradle to publish the aar project to the JCenter Repository
1. android_smali syntax Learning
2.apk package name Modification
3. Install the smali code syntax highlighting plug-in for Sublime Text
4. Android APK decompilation (see figure)
5. Android Development Learning Summary (6)-APK Decompilation
6. How do I use Android decompilation software?
7. Research on Decompilation confrontation of Android Program

Design Mode
1. Explanation of 23 design modes in Java Development
2. MVC, MVP, and MVVM icons
3. If you want me to redesign an Android App
4. How does one develop an App?
5. Android Application Architecture (Android Dev Summit 2015)
6. Android source code design mode analysis project

Night mode
1. Android Night Mode implementation
2. Android night mode implementation
3. In Android, how does zhihu daily report and zhihu set the night mode without restarting the Activity?

Custom Controls
1. Android custom View and its example in layout File
2. Advanced custom controls: declare-styleable reuse attr
3. Use declare-styleable to configure attributes for android custom controls (source code)
4. Android uses AttributeSet to customize controls
5. analyze how to use attrs and styles to define controls in Android from the source code
6. Android SDK: Creating Custom Views
7. Creating custom and compound Views in Android-Tutorial
8. Tutorial: Enhancing Android UI with Custom Views
9. Android custom View (1)
10. What does postInvalidate () do?
11. When it's necessary to execute invalidate () on a View?
12. Android notes: differences between invalidate () and postInvalidate () and their usage

No category
1. the dex 64 k limit is not a problem anymore, ALMOST

2. In Android 4.4, select an image from the image library, obtain the image path, and crop the image.
3. Analysis of incremental upgrade of android applications

4. Introduction and lifecycle of four basic Android Components

5. Android code optimization-use the Android lint Tool

6. Android Plugin-based Dynamic upgrade
7. Java String StringBuilder StringBuffer

8. tools: context = ". MainActivity
9. experience worth sharing on APK slimming
10. Performance Optimization-database Optimization

11. How to check visibility of software keyboard in Android?
12. Why does android 4.4.4 slide and exit to display the app startup interface?
13. How to get a Color from hexadecimal Color String
14. Android Application Architecture
15. Android Silent Installation implementation solution, similar to 360 mobile assistant Second installation and smart installation Functions
16. How to convert a color integer to a hex String in Android?
17. IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be> 0 while loading Bitmap from View
18. Unable to instantiate application com. android. tools. fd. runtime. BootstrapApplication?

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