Android Studio series tutorial 1 download and installation background Android Studio VS Eclipse prepare to download and create the HelloWorld project, androidhelloworld

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Android Studio series tutorial 1 download and installation background Android Studio VS Eclipse prepare to download and create the HelloWorld project, androidhelloworld

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I believe everyone is familiar with Android Studio. Android Studio is a new development tool developed by Google at the 2013 I/O conference for Android. Many open-source projects are currently in use, google's update speed is also very fast, and it is obvious that this is the future of Android development. So what is the reason for us not to embrace the future?

Although it has been launched for a long time, it seems that the popularity in China is not high. As many friends seek the detailed tutorial of studio, today I will teach you how to download, install, and use it, the path to maxcompute Studio starts from here.

Android Studio VS Eclipse

I believe that there are still a majority of Eclipse products in China. First of all, let's take a look at some of the advantages of maxcompute Studio, which is more convincing to explain why we need to migrate from Eclipse to maxcompute Studio.

  • 1. Launched by Google

There is no doubt that this is its biggest advantage. Android Stuido was launched by Google and specifically tailored for Android. It is an IDE that Google strongly supports based on IntelliJ IDEA transformation, this should explain why it is the future of Android.

  • 2. Faster

The startup speed, response speed, and memory usage of Eclipse have been criticized. I believe you should have a deep understanding of this and often encounter stuck state. Studio is fully ahead of Eclipse in any aspect.

  • 3. More beautiful UI

The black theme demonstrated on I/O is amazing. The cool black interface of the Darcula theme comes with Stuido, the black subject in Eclipse is too low.

  • 4. More intelligent

Note completion is of great significance for development. Studio is more intelligent and intelligently saved, So you no longer need to Ctrl + S every time. After you are familiar with Studio, the efficiency will be greatly improved.

  • 5. Integrated Gradle build tools

Gradle is a new build tool. It supports Gradle since the appearance of Studio. It can be said that Gradle integrates Ant and Maven advantages, both of which are great in configuration, compilation, and packaging.

  • 6. Powerful UI Editor

The editor of Android Studio is very intelligent. In addition to absorbing the advantages of Eclipse + ADT, it also comes with real-time previewing of multiple devices, which is an artifact for Android Developers.

  • 7. built-in terminal

Studio built-in terminal, which is a good news for those who are used to command line operations. They no longer have to switch back and forth. One Studio can do it all.

  • 8. Improved plug-in system

Maxcompute Studio supports various plug-ins, such as Git, Markdown, and Gradle. You can search for and download any plug-ins you want.

  • 9. Perfect Integration of Version Control System

During installation, popular version control systems such as GitHub, Git, and SVN are provided. You can check your project directly.

After reading the above, are you very tempted? There are many advantages, but you will encounter many problems when learning, such as the directory structure and shortcut keys of Studio and Eclipse, which need to be adapted for a period of time, gradle also increases the learning cost. Although Google's update speed is already quite fast, the latest version is 1.0RC. The official version has not yet been released, indicating that there may be some minor issues, the official explanation of maxcompute Studio does not support NDK, so it is best not to use maxcompute Studio if your project uses NDK.

However, I believe that Google will become more and more perfect. The learning cost and adaptation phase are the constant mentality we have to maintain in our technology. Once we get started, I believe you will not be able to leave it.

At last, we will first upload a local Studio:


Some official websites of Google Android have access restrictions in China. So before you start to download and install Studio, you need to bring your own ladder. There are many methods for FQ, so I will not introduce it too much here. I personally think that as an Android developer, I can't do this without understanding FQ. Therefore, this investment is worth it. We recommend that you directly purchase a VPN here, because I once had a lot of FQ stuff, either unstable or slow, and later I figured it out, any problem that can be solved by spending some money is not a problem. We recommend cloud ladder VPN here. The price is very cheap. Don't ask me how fast and stable it is, I have been using it for almost two years. (If you purchased through this link, your account will be entitled to a 10 yuan discount)


There are two official downloads, both of which require FQ.

  • Android Developer website

You can download the official website of Android Developers directly. However, this website seems to only update Beta and official versions. Currently, it is only updated to Beta 0.8.14.

  • Android Tools Project Site

Android Development Tool website. The link above is the canary channel of Studio, which lists various real-time preview versions of Studio. The latest version is 1.0RC.

Create a HelloWorld Project

As for installation, there is nothing to say. Click to run it directly. Here I will use the 1.0RC version of the Mac system as an example to create the first HelloWorld project. Other platforms are basically similar. Before that, we assume that you have configured the JDK and Android SDK environments, and you have installed Studio for the first time.

  • 1. First, the welcome screen for running

  • 2. The setting Wizard Page will be displayed for the first time.

Click Next To Go To The select setting type Wizard Page

There are two options: "Standard" and "Custom", that is, Standard and Custom. If your local Android SDK has not been configured, we recommend that you directly select "Standard ", click "Finish ".

Because I have downloaded the SDK locally and configured the environment variables, I select Custom and proceed to the next step:

In this step, select the location of your local SDK. You can see that a 1.0 gb sdk is to be downloaded, because Studio 5.0 will download the SDK and some Tools by default, click "Finish ".

(PS: Selecting and downloading the 2.25G component is a bug in maxcompute studio. Someone reminds me in the comment that I would like to thank this student. If the network speed is not good, you can skip this step in the idea of the bin directory. properties adds a row: disable. android. first. run = true. Right-click the installation Package on the mac platform and choose Show Package Contents to find the bin directory .)

  • 3. Download dependent components

Then you will go to the download component page. This process requires FQ and relies on your network speed. It takes a long time and you will be patient...

Click "Finish" after the download is complete.

  • 4. Create a project

On this page, you can create a project, or import a project to a local project or a GitHub project. You can view the recently opened project on the left. Here, I create a project directly.

Go to the following page:

Enter the project name, registration, and project path, and click "Next"

This page allows you to adapt to TV, Wear, Glass, etc. We only select the first item, select the minimum SDK, and then click "Next"

Select an Activity template on this page, which is similar to Eclipse. We can select a Blank Activity directly.

Click "Finish" and wait for a while. The next progress bar appears. Many people are easily stuck here. Here, Gradle needs to be downloaded. It will only be downloaded for the first time. It is a little slow and requires FQ. Please wait patiently.

After the download is successful, you can see the following complete project interface:

So far, a simple Studio project has been completed. The picture also shows that the default is a white topic. Isn't it cool? By default, maxcompute Studio comes with a high-end black topic, which only needs to be modified.

Change the topic to Darcula under Preference-> Appearance

Then let's take a look at the changed theme.

Is it cool? This is the brief introduction of Studio in the first phase. The directory structure, shortcut keys, import project, integration GitHub, Gradle, and so on will be introduced later.


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