Android uses fiddler for network data capture

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This method is mainly about how to carry out network  on Android and iphone , for example, if we want to catch a network communication request for an app (Weibo, ink weather).

The advantages of the tcpdump with the Wireshark clutch are:(1) no root (2) for Android and iphone (3) easier and easier to operate (the first installation configuration, the second time just set up the agent) (4) The view of the packet is more clear and understandable, The Fiddler UI is simpler and more straightforward (5) to view HTTPS requests . If you insist on using tcpdump also visible: Use Tcpdump and Wireshark to crawl network packets.

PS: Requires 1 PCs to assist, and the PC needs to be in the same LAN as the phone or have a separate public network IP
1, PC-side installation fiddler
: Fiddler.exe, the following is a brief introduction of Fiddler (not interested can skip directly):
Fiddler is one of the powerful and useful Web debugging tools that can record HTTP and HTTPS requests from clients and servers, allow you to monitor, set breakpoints, and even modify input and output data, Fiddler contains a powerful event-based scripting subsystem, And can be extended using the. NET language, which is often used in conjunction with Firebug in web development and tuning.
The operating mechanism of the Fiddler is actually the HTTP proxy that listens on the 8888 port on this machine. For PC-side fiddler startup, the default IE proxy is set to, and other browsers need to be set manually, so if you need to listen to the PC-side Chrome network request, its agent to can listen to the data, The mobile terminal can complete the HTTP proxy of the whole system according to the following settings.

2. Configure PC-side fiddler and mobile phone
(1) Configure Fiddler to allow monitoring of HTTPS
Open the Fiddler menu item Tools->fiddler Options, select decrypt HTTPS traffic and ignore server certificate errors two items, such as:

For the first time, you will be prompted to trust the fiddler certificate and Security reminder, select Yes, and then manage it in the system's certificate management.

(2) Configure Fiddler allow remote Connection
Click Connections in the menu, select Allow remote computers to connect, the default listening port is 8888, if it is occupied can also be set, configured toRestart the fiddler, such as:

(3) Configure the phone side
PC-side command line ipconfig view fiddler machine IP, native IP is, as

Open your phone to connect to the same LAN WiFi, and modify the WiFi network details (long press WiFi selection, modify network), display advanced options, select Manual proxy settings, host name fill fiddler machine IP, Port fill fiddler port, default 8888, Such as:

At this point, the network access on the phone can be viewed in fiddler, such as micro-Hirokazu network requests:

You can double-click a line of network requests, and the right side will display the specific request contents (requests header) and the returned content (Response header and content), such as:

You can find that fiddler can view the data returned by the network request in various formats, including header, TextView (text), ImageView (picture), Hexview (hex), WebView (Web Form), Auth ( Proxy-authenticate header), Caching (header cache), Cookies, Raw (original data format), JSON (JSON format), XML (XML format) is very convenient.

Stop network Monitoring, remove the proxy settings of WiFi, or fiddler quit after the phone on the screen Oh.

If you need to restore the phone without password status, the Android side can be set by the system-security-trusted credentials-users, click on the certificate to delete or clear the credentials to remove all user certificates, and then set the password to none.

If you only need to monitor one software, you can turn off other application network access by combining system traffic monitoring.


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