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ANGULARJS Reference Manual

ANGULARJS directives

The ANGULARJS directive used in this tutorial:

directives Description
Ng-app Defines the root element of an application.
Ng-bind Binding HTML elements to application data
Ng-bind-html Bind HTML element InnerHTML to application data and remove dangerous characters from HTML strings
Ng-bind-template Specify the text content to be replaced with a template
Ng-blur The act of stipulating Blur events
Ng-change An expression to be executed when the content changes
Ng-checked Specify whether the element is selected
Ng-class Specifies the CSS class used by the HTML element
Ng-class-even Similar to Ng-class, but only works on even-numbered lines
Ng-class-odd Similar to Ng-class, but only in odd-numbered rows
Ng-click Defines the behavior of an element when clicked
Ng-cloak Prevents blinking when an application is about to load
Ng-controller Define the controller object for the application
Ng-copy Specify the behavior of the copy event
Ng-csp Security policy for modifying content
Ng-cut Specify the behavior of the clipping event
Ng-dblclick Specify the behavior of the double-click event
Ng-disabled Specify whether an element is disabled
Ng-focus The act of providing for focusing events.
Ng-form Specify HTML form Inheritance controller form
Ng-hide Hide or show HTML elements
Ng-href Assign a link to the <a> element
Ng-if If the condition is false to remove the HTML element
Ng-include Include HTML files in the application
Ng-init Define initialization values for the application
Ng-jq Define the libraries that the application must use, such as: JQuery
Ng-keydown Specify the behavior of pressing the key event
Ng-keypress Specify the behavior of pressing the key event
Ng-keyup Specify the behavior of releasing key events
Ng-list Convert text to lists (arrays)
Ng-model Binding HTML controller values to applied data
Ng-model-options Specify how to update the model
Ng-mousedown Specify the behavior when the mouse button is pressed
Ng-mouseenter Specify the behavior of the mouse pointer as it passes through the element
Ng-mouseleave Specify the behavior of the mouse pointer when it leaves an element
Ng-mousemove Specifies the behavior of the mouse pointer as it moves through the specified element
Ng-mouseover Behavior when you specify that the mouse pointer is over an element
Ng-mouseup Specify the behavior when you release the mouse button on the element
Ng-non-bindable Specify that elements or child elements cannot bind data
Ng-open Specify an element's Open property
Ng-options Specify <options> in <select> list
Ng-paste Specify the behavior of the Paste event
Ng-pluralize Display information based on localized rules
Ng-readonly Specifies the ReadOnly property of an element
Ng-repeat A template that defines each item of data in a collection
ng-selected Specifies the selected property of an element
Ng-show Show or hide HTML elements
Ng-src Specify the src attribute of the element
Ng-srcset Specify the Srcset property of the element
Ng-style Specifies the style property of an element
Ng-submit Specify an expression to execute when a onsubmit event occurs
Ng-switch Specify conditions for showing or hiding child elements
Ng-transclude Specify the target location for the fill
Ng-value Specify the value of the INPUT element

filter resolves Angularjs filter.


ANGULARJS supports the following events:

Event resolution: Angular event.

Angularjs Validation Properties


Validation resolution: Angular validation.



API Description
Angular.lowercase () Converts a string to lowercase
Angular.uppercase () Converts a string to uppercase
Angular.copy () Array or object depth copy
Angular.foreach () An iterative function of an object or array


API Description
Angular.isarray () Returns true if the reference is an array
Angular.isdate () Returns true if the reference is a date
Angular.isdefined () If the reference is defined to return true
Angular.iselement () If a DOM element is referenced to return true
Angular.isfunction () If a function is referenced to return true
Angular.isnumber () Returns true if the reference is a number
Angular.isobject () If an object is referenced to return true
Angular.isstring () Returns true if the reference is a string
Angular.isundefined () If the reference is not defined to return true
Angular.equals () If two objects equal returns True


API Description
Angular.fromjson () Deserialize a JSON string
Angular.tojson () Serializing a JSON string


API Description
Angular.bootstrap () Manually Start Angularjs
Angular.element () Wrap a part of the DOM element or an HTML string and treat it as a jquery element.
Angular.module () Create, register, or retrieve ANGULARJS modules

Global API parsing: Angular API.

The above is the ANGULARJS reference manual collation, the need for friends to refer to the

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