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Optimization settings

1. Many iPad setup options, such as adjusting the brightness of the screen, can be used to minimize power consumption and prolong battery use time. Here are some tips to help prolong battery use time.

Adjust brightness: Managing screen brightness is the best way to extend the time of iPad battery use. By default, your iPad will have the "auto brightness" turned on. "Auto Brightness" adjusts the iPad's screen brightness according to ambient light conditions, and reducing brightness in weak light can help extend battery time. You can also adjust the brightness yourself, go to Settings > brightness and wallpaper, and drag the slider to the left to reduce the default screen brightness.

2. Lock your ipad: Obviously, you should lock it down without using the ipad. To lock the IPad, click the Sleep/Wake button. You can also set the time interval for automatic locking to allow your iPad to close more quickly after a period of unused time. To set up automatic locking, go to Settings > General > Auto Lock, and then set a shorter time interval, such as a minute.
3. Turn off the wireless network: If you know you will not use the wireless network, you can turn it off to save power. Go to the Settings > WLAN and set the WLAN to "off". Note that if your IPAD supports a cellular network and uses it to access the Internet, using a wireless network instead of a cellular network can prolong battery time.
4. Close cellular network data: In addition to the range of wireless network connections, using a cellular network can maintain your contact with others, but also shorten the battery use time, especially in areas with limited signal coverage. To turn off the cellular network, select "Settings" > "Cellular Data" from the home screen, and then set "cellular mobile data" to closed. Note: After shutting down, you will no longer be able to send and receive data through the cellular network.
5. Use of flight modes in poor or no-signal coverage areas (cellular models): Because the IPad will always try to stay connected to a wireless or cellular network (cellular model), it may consume more power in poor or no-signal coverage areas. Turning off flight mode can prolong battery time in these cases. To open flight mode, go to Settings and set flight mode to open.
6. Reduce the use of positioning services: Enabling positioning services for applications (such as maps) shortens battery usage time. To turn off the positioning service, go to Settings > general > Locate Services, or use the positioning service only when needed.
7. Turn off push notifications: Some apps from the app Store use the Apple push notification service to remind users to receive new data. Applications that rely heavily on push notifications (for example, instant messaging applications) may shorten the battery's time to use. To turn off push notifications, go to Settings > notifications, and then set notifications to off. Note that this does not prevent the application from receiving new data when it is turned on. In addition, if you do not install any applications that support push notifications, the settings for the notification will not be displayed.
8. Reduce the frequency of acquiring new data: Some applications, such as mail, can be set up to wirelessly access data at specific intervals. The higher the frequency of getting e-mail or other data, the faster the power consumption. To manually get new data, select Set > Mail, Address Book, Calendar > Get new data in the Home screen and click Manually. To increase the time interval you get, go to the Settings > mail, Address Book, Calendar > Get new data, and then light "hourly." Please note that this is a common setting for all applications that do not support push services.
9. Turn off push mail: If you use Yahoo! or Microsoft Exchange to push email accounts, turn off push messages if you don't need them. Go to the Settings > mail, Address Book, Calendar > Get new data, and then close the push. Subsequently, the information sent to your push email account will be received according to the access settings you set up, and will not be received as soon as you arrive.
10. Reduce the number of e-mail accounts that are automatically checked: avoiding letters that receive too many e-mail accounts can help you save power. This can be achieved by deactivating or deleting an e-mail account. To turn off an account, go to Settings > mail, Address Book, calendar, select an e-mail account, and then close it. To delete an account, go to Settings > mail, Address Book, calendar, select an e-mail account, and then click "Delete Account".
11. Manage the use of downloaded applications: use of certain applications (such as games) that make the screen dim or close, or applications that use location-based services, can shorten the battery's time to use.

Terminology required

1. " Battery Time "indicates how long the IPad's battery will be used before it has to be recharged.
2. " Battery Life "indicates the total use time of the battery before it may need to be replaced. Battery life is based on the number of charge/discharge cycles that the battery has in the case of maintaining more than 80% initial capacity.

Warm tips

1. Charging tips: to the fastest speed for the IPad charging, you need to use its own 10W USB power adapter. If you plug the ipad into a high-powered USB port on your computer (which many recent new MAC computers have), or when you charge the ipad with an IPhone power adapter, the charge can go on, but it will be much slower. If you plug the ipad into a standard USB port on your computer (most PCs or older MAC computers are available), the ipad can only recharge in sleep mode. When using USB to charge the IPad, make sure the computer is on. If the ipad is connected to a computer that is shut down, asleep, or on standby, the ipad's battery may be depleted.

2. Maximum battery time: In order to maximize battery use time, Apple engineers will use the lithium polymer battery technology developed for the MAC notebook computer for the IPad. As a result, the IPad will allow you to use it for up to 10 hours, while Wi-Fi internet access, video viewing or listening to music. When using the 3G data network (Wi-Fi + 3G model), you can enjoy up to 9 hours of battery use time 2.

3. Charging cycle: Properly maintained IPad batteries, after completing 1000 charge and discharge cycle, can still retain the original battery capacity of 80%. When the battery is unable to store enough power to maintain your operational requirements, you need to replace the battery.

ipad Replacement Battery

1 First step: unpack the shell. I observed that it seems to be able to do without blowing, so the direct hands, the first experience is that the ipad is really tight ah, how can not pry open, and then the dead hand to pry open some cracks, and almost scratch the screen. After tossing open to understand the mystery: In addition to the top of some raised outside, there are clips around, the screen and aluminum shell tightly together. This part of the online all tutorials are not learned, there are willing to DIY buddies can look at the following photos. Because I use brute force, a few clips have been broken, but this does not affect the use.

2 Second step: host separation. This step is somewhat confusing, because the ipad is too clever, so the wire is very thin, if you do not know how to plug the way, it is likely to be able to break the so-called line. I carefully studied the various pictures on the web, slow video, and finally understand the principle, the screen and host successfully separated.

3 Step Three: Remove the battery. It is not so easy to find out when you are ready to remove the battery replacement, because replacing the battery requires that almost all components, including the motherboard, be removed. And even more shocking is the fact that Apple is worried about the strength of the battery and back-shell connections (there are several stamping points), so the battery is glued to the aluminum shell, and finally efforts to remove the battery

4 Step Fourth: Restore the battery replacement and recovery process is very easy, here have to admire the apple design, the inside of each part is very clever, small size, high coupling. But inside the device arrangement is not reasonable, there are many cushions are used to fill a variety of gaps, do not know the leader's pursuit of the perfect spirit where?

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