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[ASP.]03-c# Advanced Knowledge Points Overview (2)-Threading and Concurrency Summary: I also wanted to skip the overview of C # advanced knowledge points directly to MVC, but after thinking it through, still feel the need to speak. I hope that through their own experience to give you some guidance, with everyone to embark on the path of ASP. At the same time also hope to communicate with you, so you can find my own shortcomings, to my own help is also very large. We recommend that you hold a good C # when you can go to see some ... Read the full text posted @ 2014-12-29 23:15 liam Wang Reading (9730) |  Review ( [   Editor-in-house MVC Daniel Road]02-c# advanced Knowledge Points Overview ( 1)-Delegate and event Summary: In the ASP. NET MVC Path series, a previous article was used to introduce some of C # 's knowledge points. In this way, the ASP. NET MVC Daniel Road series also first to you to popularize C #. The advanced knowledge points in net. Each knowledge point is not too detailed, but sufficient. Further research is needed to see more professional information. To become Daniel, must have a solid basic skills, or time longer project more also ... Read the full text posted @ 2014-12-21 23:31 liam Wang Reading (14395) |  Comments ( [   editor MVC Daniel's Road]01-opening summary: Rush 20 14, the blink of an eye is at the end. What other things do you want to do and not do in this year? 2014 in my body happened two important things, one is the first day of the baby born, I upgraded to become a father, the second is to enter a start-up company, became the head of technology. 2014 What I plan to do, such as taking my family on a trip, reading the books I want to see at home, and finishing [ASP. Read the full text posted @ 2014-12-17 15:12 liam Wang Read (9414) |  Review (Bayi)   Edit  [ MVC Calf Road]18-web API Summary: W The EB API is a new feature of the ASP. NET platform, which can easily and quickly create Web services to provide APIs for HTTP clients. The underlying library used by the Web API is the same as the normal MVC framework, but the Web API is not part of the MVC framework, and Microsoft uses the Web API-related classes from the SysTem. Web.mvc named space under the extracted out put in Syst ... Read the full text posted @ 2014-10-19 23:03 liam Wang Read (16150) |  Comments ($)   Edit  [ MVC Calf Road]17-Bundle (bundle Summary: This article describes a new feature of MVC 4: bundles, a technique used in View and Layout to organize CSS and JavaScript files that optimize browser requests. This document lists the VS default script libraries added when we created the MVC project of a basic template, vs in the Scripts folder by default added some JavaScript script libraries. Here's a brief introduction to these script libraries: Jquery-1.8.2.js, this doesn't have to be explained. Jquery-ui-1.8.24.js, a set of interface tools based on jquery, includes many plug-ins and animated effects that are common on Web pages. Jquery.validate.js, which validates the data entered by the INPUT element in the form by the user. KN Read full text posted @ 2013-11-25 12:14 liam Wang Reading (4309) |  Comments (  edit  [ MVC Calf Road]16-model validation Pick To: Previous blog [ASP.]15-model binding, which describes how MVC creates model objects based on user submissions of HTTP request data during model binding. In the actual project, we need to verify the information submitted by the user. MVC provides better support for validation, such as the ability to set validation rules through the Model metadata, to handle error messages with Modelstate, and so on. This article describes the various validation of Model and its use. Although Model validation is simple to use, it is strongly recommended that you read the [ASP.]15-model Binding for the path of the net MVC calf before reading this article] in order to get a deeper understanding of it. This document Catalog sample prepares to create an MVC read the full text posted @ 2013-11-22 08:10 liam Wang Reading (7588) |  Comments (+)   Edit  [ MVC Calf Road]15-model BindinG Summary: Model binding is a process by which the MVC framework creates. NET objects from HTTP request data. All of the objects passed to the Action method arguments in all of our previous examples are created in the model Binding. This article describes how the model binding works and how to use the model binding, and finally ... Read the full text posted @ 2013-11-21 09:01 liam Wang Read (8261) |  Comments (+)   Edit  [ MVC Calf Road]14- Unobtrusive Ajax Digest: Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML abbreviation), as we can see, the focus of this concept is no longer the XML part, but the asynchronous part, It is a model that requests data from the server in the background. The MVC framework has built-in support for unobtrusive Ajax, which allows us to define AJAX features with the help Mothod of MVC without having to use a large piece of JavaScript code in View. In this document: General AJAX usage in the unobtrusive of MVC, before we look at the common use of Ajax in MVC, readers can compare and learn when reading the text. New Read full text posted @ 2013-11-20 08:58 liam Wang Read (5780) |  Comments (  edit  [ MVC Calf Road]13-helper M Ethod Abstract: We usually use "xxxhelper" to name some auxiliary classes when we are programmed to write them. Similarly, the helper classes used to generate Html elements in MVC are htmlhelper under the System.Web.Mvc namespace, and we are accustomed to calling HtmlHelper (extension) methods Htmlhelpermethod, because of their frequent use, is simply called Helpermethod. Its role is to give the task of generating Html code to MVC so that MVC can do a lot of automatic processing and reduce the amount of code. The Html.ActionLink, Html.BeginForm, Html.checkbox, Html.raw parties we use in the ViewLaw and so on are htmlhelper read the full text posted @ 2013-11-19 00:31 liam Wang Read (5418) |  Comments (5)   Edit  [ MVC Calf Road] 12-section, partial view, and child action summary: Generally speaking, the contents of the view can be divided into static and dynamic parts. Static content is typically an HTML element, while dynamic content refers to content that is created dynamically while the application is running. Adding dynamic content to a view can be summarized in the following ways: Inline code, small snippets, such as if and foreach statements. HTML helper method that is used to generate single or multiple HTML elements, such as view model, ViewBag, and so on. section, inserting the created part of the content at the specified location. Partial view, which exists in a separate view file, can be shared in multiple views as child content. The child action is the equivalent of a UI component that contains the business logic. When you use the child action, it calls Cont to read the full text posted @ 2013-11-14 00:43 liam Wang Read (10760) |  comment   Edit  [asp. NET MVC Calf Road]11-filter Summary: The filter is a design based on AOP (aspect-oriented programming) that injects additional logic into the MVC framework's processing of client requests and implements crosscutting concerns in a very simple and graceful manner (cross-cutting Concerns). Crosscutting concerns refer to the functionality of multiple or even all modules that traverse the program, and classic crosscutting concerns include logging, caching processing, exception handling, and authorization validation. This article describes the creation and use of different kinds of filter supported by the MVC framework, and how to control their execution. Four basic filter overview in this document the MVC framework supports a filter that can be categorized as four classes, each of which can introduce additional logic processing at different points in time for processing requests. These four types of filter are as follows: Before the MVC framework calls Acion, it will first decide to read the full text posted @ 2013-11-12 22:28 liam Wang Read (8313) |  Comments (+)   Edit  [ MVC Calf Road]10-controLler and Action (2) Summary: Following the previous article, this article describes some of the more advanced features of the Controller and action, including the controller Factory, action Invoker, and asynchronous controller. The beginning of this article: sample preparation before we begin, let's look at the process of sending a request to return results after the action method has been processed, and try to understand: the focus of this article is controller factory and action Invoker. As the name implies, the role of controller factory is to create a controller instance that serves the request, and the action Invoker to find and invoke the action method. The MVC framework provides both for both reading posted @ 2013-11-11 09:19 liam Wang Reading (6976) |  Comments (  edit  [ MVC Calf Road] 09-controller and Action (1) Summary: We know that in MVC each request is submitted to the Controller for processing. Controller is closely related to the request, it contains the logical processing of the request, can operate on the Model and choose View to render to the user, for business and Data logic code, as well as interfaces and auxiliary class library, etc. generally do not put into the Controller. The Controller and the Action content is more, I divide it into two articles, may also divide into three articles. This article introduces the controller's implementation, controller's acquisition of state data, ActionResult, and the data transfer of the action, followed by the Controller factory, action Invoker And temporarily haven't thought well or are learning to read the full text posted @ 2013-10-08 23:20 liam Wang Read (7526) |  Comments (  edit  [ MVC Calf Road]08 -Area Usage Summary: ASP. NET MVC allows you to organize Web applications using areas (zones), each of which represents the different functional modules of your application. This is useful for large projects where the area allows each function module to have its own folder with its own controller, view, and model, but for managementAdded a certain degree of difficulty. This document creates an area right-click Project Selection Add Zone, which pops up a dialog box that fills in areas as follows: After clicking Add, the project directory structure is as follows: and creating an empty MVC engineering structure, Admin area has its own Controllers, Models and views folder, not the same place is more a AdminAreaRegistration.cs file, this file defines a read full text posted @ 2013-10-02 20:35 liam Wang reading (7743) |   Reviews   Edit  [ MVC calf route]07-url Routing Abstract: We know that in ASP. NET Web forms, a URL request often corresponds to an ASPX page, An ASPX page is a physical file that contains the processing of the request. in ASP. NET MVC, a URL request is handled by an action in the corresponding controller, and the URL routing tells MVC how to navigate to the correct controller and action. Generally speaking, the URL routing contains two main functions: parsing the URL and generating the URL, this article will be around these two big points to explain. The way to define URL Routing for this article is to start with a simple URL like this: Http:// after the domain name, the default is to read the full text posted @ 2013-09-28 23:32  liam Wang Read (10794) |  Comments (  edit  [ MVC Calf Road]06-Using Entity Framework Summary: Idle at home is also idle, continue to write my [ T MVC Calf Road] series. In the previous blog post of the series, when displaying a list of book information, we were making the data manually in the program code. This article demonstrates how to use the Entity Framework in ASP. NET MVC to get data from a database. Although the topic of this article sounds relatively simple, but if you read carefully, believe ... Read the full text posted @ 2013-09-07 19:41 liam Wang Read (9751) |  Review (Wuyi)   Edit  [ MVC Calf Road]05-MakeUsing Ninject Abstract: The end of an article (Dependency injection (DI) and Ninject) on the [ASP. NET MVC path] series mentions two things to do with using Ninject in ASP. This article will use a practical example to demonstrate the application of Ninject in ASP. In order to better understand and hold the content of this article, it is strongly recommended that beginners read the article before reading the dependency injection (DI) and Ninject. This article directory: preparing to create a new blank solution named Bookshop. In this solution, add an MVC empty application named Bookshop.webui, and a class library project named Bookshop.domain. The directory structure is as follows: After two projects have been added, read the full text in Bookshop.webui posted @ 2013-09-04 11:53 liam Wang Read (9003) |  Comments (  edit)  [ MVC Calf Road]04-Dependency Injection (DI) and Ninject Summary: The article directory: why dependency Injection in the understanding MVC pattern in the [ASP. Path] Series, we mention that an important feature of MVC is the separation of concerns ( Separation of concerns). We want the parts of the application to be as independent as possible, as little as possible from each other. Our ideal scenario is that a component can not know or care about other components, but it can implement functional invocation of other components by providing a public interface. This situation is known as loose coupling. Give a simple example. We want to customize a "premium" price calculator for the product linqvaluecalculator, which needs to implement the Ivaluecalculator interface. As shown in the following code: public interface Ivalue Read the full text posted @ 2013-08-07 21:37 liam Wang Read (14825) |  Comments ($)   Edit   [ASP.]03-razor Syntax Summary: Razor is a new view engine in MVC3. We know that in ASP. aspx, the view engine relies on calls to C # directives. MVC3 later has a new set of razor syntax that uses the @ tag, which is more flexible and concise. Here are some simple examples to get everyone to quickly hold on to the use of razor syntax. This document is ready to work in the demo RazBefore we use the or syntax, we need to do some preparatory work. 1. Opening vs Creating an ASP. Empty project is simply not a concrete demonstration. 2. Add a model. Add a class named Product in the models folder of your project. Here we use the product class of the previous C # Knowledge point feed to move it around. The code reads as follows: namespace read the full text posted @ 2013-08-02 14:39 liam Wang Read (18152) |  Comments (  edit)  [ MVC Calf Road]02-c# Summary of Knowledge points: This blog post focuses on the C # language knowledge points that need to be grasped by ASP. C # 3.0, especially the C # language features. For kids who are learning ASP. NET MVC, take a few minutes to browse. The C # knowledge points to be reviewed in this article are: attributes, automatic attributes, object collection initializers, extension methods, lambda expressions, and LINQ queries. C # veteran "player" can pass by. The directory 1. Feature (Attributes) feature (Attributes), MSDN is defined as: The common language runtime allows you to add a descriptive declaration of similar keywords, called Attributes, which labels elements in your program, such as types, fields, methods, and properties. Attributes and Microsoft. NET Framework Read full text posted @ 2013-07-25 16:03 liam Wang Read (13413) |  Comments (  edit)  [ MVC Calf Road]01-Understanding MVC Pattern Summary: PS:MVC has been out for a long time and has never had a chance at work. Out of interest, I will begin to work on MVC in-depth study, through the blog record What I learned, and hope to get the treatise of you friends. This catalogue understands the general MVC pattern MVC pattern (model-view-controller) is a software architecture model in software engineering, and divides the software system into the following three basic parts: Model ... Read the full text posted @ 2013-07-24 17:20 liam Wang Read (20437) |  reviews   Edit


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