Barracuda helps to implement anti-spam system with the help of Zhongke instrument

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Customer Background:

Beijing Zhongke Instrument Technology Development Co., Ltd., formerly known as Beijing Scientific Instrument Development Center, was founded in 1958. In the situation that the state-owned applied scientific research institutions reform the modern enterprise system, as an important content of the knowledge Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Science Instrument Center has been the first to complete the enterprise transformation work, and the ZHONGKE instrument was established in 2000.

In the ascendant of China's Instrument manufacturing field, Zhongke instrument is an unusually shining star, located in Beijing Zhongguancun Haidian Garden Hinterland, close to Peking University, Tsinghua University, the Academy of Sciences, three major scientific research units, exposure to a strong scientific and technological innovation atmosphere.

Application background:

As the leading enterprise in the instrument manufacturing industry, Zhongke instrument has never been lax in production research, and no technical problems can hinder the development of the company. But in recent days, the head of the company's network Center has been plagued by more and more junk mail. Zhongke instrument has a mail server, nearly thousands of employees mail accounts are saved on the server. There are occasional flood attacks or dictionary attacks by spammers. To the mail server caused a heavy burden, more virtually to the virus hackers into the company to provide a shortcut. In May this year, Zhongke instrument began to try all kinds of anti-spam mail products. One of the Barracuda spam firewall, after a trial of just 4 days, outstanding message filtering and management functions to the Network center responsible for the impress.

Application Description:

The Barracuda Spam Firewall 200 Model products incorporate a unique 10-layer filtration system for barracuda. Barracuda Anti-spam firewall has a powerful protection against DOS attacks: the main is to prevent a single e-mail address in a short time to send a large number of spam, resulting in a Dos attack. Effectively ease the burden on the mail server.

Accurate filtering of spam, virus mail, can be in accordance with the user set "returned to the original sender", "forwarding to the e-mail manager" or "in the letter title, to facilitate the recipient to judge" and other ways to process the message.

Plug-and-play installation, no need to change any of the network settings, and no installation software. The technicians of the Network Center, under the guidance of the Barracuda Technical engineer, set up the firewall in front of the mail server in a few minutes.


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