Best Foreign host top5:ipage price up to $2.25 cost-effective still highest

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IDC Commentary Network ( February 28 Report: According to the host statistics agency WEBHOSTINGTOP data show, as of February 26, the best cost-effective virtual host ranked in the forefront of IPage, Fatcow, InMotion, Justhost and Webhostinghub and other service providers. Compared to the recent, only ipage preferential price changes, from $1.89 to $2.25, however, the price is still the lowest. Below, see the February foreign best virtual hosting provider TOP5 information.

1, IPage

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IPage has been providing reliable and high-quality virtual hosting services since 1998, and now has more than 1,000,000 websites. IPage Virtual Hosting service uses 100% wind green energy, good reputation in terms of price, quality and customer service. The recent data, the price has increased, from $1.89 to $2.25, but this did not affect its cost-effective, is still the top five in the lowest price, cost-effective.

2, FatCow

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The birth of FatCow cow is a United States virtual hosting service provider, founded in 1998. As a host of over 10 years of operating history, FatCow hosts more than 99.9% of the average online time, with no doubt about the stability of the company. It ranks 2nd and the price is the same.

3, InMotion

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InMotion Hosting provides reliable managed solutions for businesses, fast and powerful. From the domestic visit any time quickly, regardless of netcom or telecommunications, download speed can basically reach more than kb/s, all kinds of functions are very stable, but in the domestic basically no visibility. The price is still the top of the top five.

4, Justhost

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Justhost is a foreign emerging host, headquartered in the United Kingdom, Australia has an office, data center is located in the United States Illinois State Chicago. Although it is an emerging host, but in foreign countries are also more popular with users. The Justhost Host program provides a free domain name that allows you to use your own cpanel account to support ecommerce functions. At the same time Justhost also provides various grades of dedicated host, and allows users to customize according to their own needs. Justhost by WordPress officially recognized as one of the most suitable for WordPress host, in short, the performance is good.

5, Webhosthub

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Webhostinghub is an excellent virtual hosting provider, and provides a permanent free domain name service, host unlimited domain and free site production advantages and other services. Well received in the industry. Its price in the top five ranked 2nd, after inmotion.

Foreign best host top5:ipage price up to $2.25 cost-effective still highest

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