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Blog platform selection and Optimization

This article is excerpted from the book "password of network marketing practice-strategies, skills, and cases"

Currently, there are two options for blog writing: First, you can place your blog on the hosting platform of the blog service provider, and most blog platform service providers provide services free of charge; 2. Build your blog on your own domain name and server.
1. free blog hosting service
The advantage of using the blog service provider platform is that it is easy to use and does not require installation or maintenance of blog programs, as well as the purchase of hosts and other technical issues. There are many free blog service platforms in both Chinese and English. Including English:
There are more Chinese choices. Almost all portals and social websites with a certain scale provide blog services, and there are also a large number of professional blog service platforms, such:
The blog platform also helps with the promotion. Most blog platforms recommend good blog posts to the homepage of their own websites, and the portal website will also push the essence of user blog posts to the homepage. Because these portals and blog service websites have a large user base and traffic, the posts they help promote blog users will play a role that blog authors can never achieve. Imagine what will happen if your blog post is pushed to the homepage of Sina or Sohu?
Completely free, of course, is also one of the biggest advantages, especially for blogs with a large volume of convection. On these blog platforms, it is almost impossible for the server to be unable to withstand the problems caused by the attention of blog posts and heavy traffic. The blog platform and portal website are equipped with high-level Server Clusters and load balancing. If it is your own domain name and host, when the traffic is really large, the whole server may not be able to withstand it, let alone the virtual host.
A fatal drawback of the free blog service is that the website actually does not belong to the blog author, which is extremely dangerous on the Internet. Only by using your own domain name to build your own blog website can the author have ownership and control of this blog. As long as you have ownership of the domain name, you can change it to another host provider at any time.
The free blog service platform rarely supports its own domain names. Generally, the website is attached to the blog platform, which may be in the form of subdomain names or level-2 directories. However, in any case, the website belongs to the blog platform rather than the blog author. Once the blog platform is closed or controversial with the blog author, the account is deleted, which is a fatal blow to the blog. The mass, content, and popularity of bloggers are likely to be lost.
Therefore, although there are many free blog platforms, I suggest you carefully consider blog marketing companies and individuals. It is best to use your own domain name and build your blog on your host. Or you can consider using your own domain name as the main blog, and then register a free blog on some major portals and blog platforms, and send the same blog post to your own domain name and these third-party blogs, this ensures that you have control over a major blog and can promote the blog to users on a third-party platform to the maximum extent.
However, this method should not be abused. Some people register a large number of blog accounts on a third-party platform. Instead of posting valuable and meaningful blog posts, they issue a large amount of junk content to promote their websites through spam links. This is neither welcome nor suspected of cheating, and may be punished by search engines at any time.
2. Independent domain name blog
To create a blog with your own independent domain name, you must install the blog software on your host. There are many free blog software on the Internet, the most common ones include:
WordPress, which uses PHP and MySQL, is most suitable for Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (so-called lamp) hosts. The official English website is, and the Chinese wordpressteam is /. I personally like the most popular open-source blog software.
Movable type, which can run on a Linux or Windows host. English official website /.
Zblog, a Chinese Blog software based on the ASP platform, is also popular in Chinese blogs. Official Website: /.
These software official websites have detailed installation instructions. For those who have experience in website construction, follow the instructions to install the blog software easily. If you encounter technical problems during installation, there will be forums on the corresponding official website, and the official team and members will give enthusiastic help.

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