Books read in 2011 and books to be read in 2012

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Books I read in 2011
  1. the peak of the Tide [Recommended] -The history of the technology industry, including at-and-T, IBM, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo Inc. and Google, is worth seeing.
  2. as's program World -Read this book as long as you want to get to know the idea in Ruby, although the general example will do it by itself, but didn't understand its design idea before.
  3. Revelation -To understand product management knowledge before buying read.
  4. CSS 3 Combat -good, but some simple
  5. Simplicity First: Interactive design four strategies -read 2 times, but not in-depth understanding of the essence of the article
  6. php and MySQL authoritative guide -because it is phpchina produced, so still bought Jane read it again, did not do the actual example
  7. you have to know. NET (2nd edition) [Recommended] -really good, worth reading
  8. CLR via C # (3rd edition) [Recommended] -really good, worth reading (almost 2 times), but often forget, still have to continue to read
  9. The best way to play in history -to raise a son.
  10. The baby is smart, so simple -read for the son.
  11. Programmer's thinking cultivation: Nine lessons to develop cognitive potential [Recommended] -small book, 4 hours to read, really good
  12. scrum and xp--in the smoke how we implement Scrum [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  13. Lean and agile development for large-scale application combat [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  14. 45 Habits of efficient programmers: the path of agile development and cultivation [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  15. Continuous Delivery: A systematic approach to releasing reliable software [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  16. the way of software development: the rule of thumb for Microsoft development team [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  17. the way to success in software projects (elimination of the Chronic Disease of project extension) [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  18. Excellence --excellent design and management of Internet products [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  19. The art of Software talent Management (condensed 15 years of talent management experience in Silicon Valley) [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  20. The secret behind the door: The Story of Excellence management [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  21. 97 things the project manager should know [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  22. 97 things a software architect should know [Recommended] -2011 Key Reading Book
  23. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Technology Insider: T-SQL query [Recommended] -although the SQL2005 internal series have been read all over again, but still insisted on the 2008 rough time again
  24. SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Perfect Solution -rough time, just want to know about BI
  25. MongoDB authoritative Guide -after a week of reading, found still no way to apply to the project, there is time to reread it again
  26. Oracle PL/SQL Programming (5th edition )-Classic book, collection, just read the first dozens of pages
  27. based on Expression Blend 4 Chinese version WPF -junk book, sorry.
  28. . NET 4.0 Object-oriented Programming ramble (Basic) -garbage book, regret it
  29. . NET 4.0 Object-oriented Programming ramble (application) -rubbish book, regret
  30. ASP. NET 4 Advanced Programming-Covers C # and -classic books, took a week to roll over, didn't see much cow knowledge
  31. C # Efficient Programming: 50 proven ways to improve C # code [Recommended] -very good book, worth reading
  32. C # Nature Theory (3rd edition) -Junk book, regret it
  33. C # Advanced Programming (7th Edition) [Recommended] -the classic book, Rough Time once again, but not all absorbed, but also to read again
  34. ASP. NET MVC Combat [Recommended] -although the version is a little low, but still read it again
  35. Big Liar Data Structure [Recommended] -a good book
  36. Enterprise Application Architecture Model (CHINA-PUB) Yes, I can, but nothing new.
  37. Microsoft Application Architecture Guide (2nd edition) [Recommended] -English is good, or read the free English version of it
  38. Microsoft.NET Enterprise Application Architecture Design [recommended] -no new things, 5 years of people can read
  39. First -line architect Practice Guide (medium-Large system Architecture Design Guide) [Recommended] -10 years not finished reading, continue to read
  40. Software Architecture Design (09 best-selling list of TOP50) [Recommended] -10 years not finished reading, continue to read
  41. Sunflower Treasure Book-WPF self-Study manual -every night to coax his son's time to read books
  42. WPF -a book to look at when you coax your son every night
  43. WPF core Technology -not read, mainly the article is not vivid, give up reading
  44. Windows Presentation Foundation Programming Guide -Pure when data is used, not how much to read
  45. Flex 41 learns --little book, read it all day, just to get a quick look at Flex
  46. WCF Technology Insider -also OK, but the article is not vivid, give up reading
  47. Windows Programming (5th Edition) -read for a few days, put it in the bookcase, collection with
  48. Computer Programming Art Vol. 1: Basic algorithm -pure collection, haven't found long free time to read
  49. The art of Computer programming. Volume 2nd, half value algorithm -pure collection, haven't found long free time to read
  50. The Art of Computer Programming. Volume 3rd, sort and find -pure collection, haven't found long free time to read
  51. Android 2.3 App Development Practice -when it's all right, look at the book and do an example, and add something to it, purely for conversation.
  52. Google Android SDK Development Example Encyclopedia (2nd edition )-when it's all right, look at the book and do an example, and add something to it, purely for conversation.
  53. An authoritative guide to Android development -when it's all right, look at the book and do an example, and add something to it, purely for conversation.
  54. Crazy Android Handout -when it's all right, look at the book and do an example, and add something to it, purely for conversation.
  55. Crazy Java Handouts -when it's all right, look at the book and do an example, and add something to it, purely for conversation.
  56. C # 4.0 Unleashed [recommended] -e-book, Rough Time Again
  57. WROX.PROFESSIONAL.ASP.NET.MVC.3 [Recommended] -e-book, a good introductory book
  58. [Recommended] -Very good book, 2012 I am ready to write an in-depth understanding of MVC3 Series Blog, there are a lot of content is to refer to this book
  59. Programming Microsoft ASP 2nd Edition-Microsoft book, too basic
  60. Recipes for Programming MVC 3 [recommended] -Comparison Basics
  61. The Art of readable Code-good book
  62. Developer ' s Guide to Collections in Microsoft. NET [Recommended] -Good book
  63. Functional programming in C #-e-book, rough time it over again
  64. Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010
  65. Head first JQuery-basic book, relatively simple
  66. Applied JQuery Develop and Design-relatively simple
  67. RESTful Web Services COOKBOOK-CN [recommended] -the essence of domestic books, good
The book to be read in 2012
  1. C # Advanced Programming (7th Edition) -continue to read books that have not finished reading
  2. Windows Phone Mango Development Practice -just bought, not yet read
  3. Windows Phone 7 App Development Guide -Just read Chapter 2
  4. Windows Phone 7 programming -just bought, or started reading
  5. Agile Software Development: principles, patterns and practices -just bought, read a little
  6. . NET application Architecture Design: Principles, patterns and Practices -Blog Park's Daniel, want to see how the ability, but see his name and above the same name (principles, patterns and practices), a little uncomfortable.
  7. In- depth understanding of C #: The 2nd edition -is also the blog garden a Daniel translation, want to see and English original whether there is no gap, but also for my own book publishing to do the gap comparison (need to work AH)
  8. WCF Technical Profiling (Volume 2)-Waiting for Artech's new book, published immediately buy a read
  9. C # in Depth 2nd Edition English ebook
  10. Microsoft.Press.XAML.Developer.Reference
  11. MCPD 70-518 Exam Ref
  13. Service Design Patterns Master recommended, must read Wow
  14. HTML5 Canvas Cookbook-Learn to turn to the blog Park Netizen, but not yet set a good time
  15. this book is very simple, but still want to read
  16. Apress.Programming.Reactive.Extensions.and.LINQ
  17. REST in practice
  18. REST API Design Rulebook
  19. Pro Agile. NET Development with SCRUM
  20. Windows Powershell in Action 2nd Edition
  21. Manning.SQL.Server.MVP.Deep.Dives
  22. Manning.sql.server.mvp.deep.dives.volume.2
  23. Programming Razor
  24. Microsoft.Press.Coding.Faster
  25. Windows Powershell in Action 2nd Edition
  26. Organization-level project management system planning and construction (IBM Global Combat)
  27. Other PMP related books (not listed, because most of the lectures are issued by lecturers)
  28. Other books and ebooks that have not yet been published

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Books read in 2011 and books to be read in 2012

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