Bugzilla 0-day vulnerability exposure 0-day vulnerability details

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Bugzilla 0-day vulnerability exposure 0-day vulnerability details

The widely used bug Tracking System Bugzilla found a 0-day vulnerability, allowing anyone to View Details of vulnerabilities that have not been fixed and are not yet made public. Developed by Mozilla, Bugzilla is widely used in open-source projects. Anyone can create an account on the Bugzilla platform to report bugs in a project. Researchers from Check Point Software Technologies, a security company, found that the Bugzilla query permission allocation vulnerability allows anyone to use any email registration that can bypass verification to obtain management permissions for a Bugzilla platform. For example, you can use admin@mozilla.org registration to browse all undisclosed bugs in Firefox and Mozilla-related projects. Bugzilla has released updates and fixes.

Release of all Bugzilla updates to fix important vulnerabilities

Install Bugzilla 4.2 On Fedora 16

Bugzilla Installation Process

Configure Bugzilla in Debian7 & Ubuntu 13.10

For details about Bugzilla, click here
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