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What is bugzillabugzilla? It is an error tracking system used to track errors in the development process of software products. Its powerful functions are as follows: 1. powerful search function 2. users can post bug changes by email. 3. change History 4. handling bug5. attachment management through tracking and description 6. complete product classification solutions and detailed security policies 7. security Audit Mechanism 8. powerful back-end database support 9. web, XML, email, and control interfaces 10. friendly network user interface 11. diverse configuration settings 12. versions are backward compatible with why bugzillabugzilla is a powerful Error Tracking System. It enables us to better track the software error handling process during the software development process and provide data support for development and testing work and product quality measurement, this effectively guarantees the quality of software products. Bugzilla User Guide to create a Bugzilla account 1. Click the "open a new Bugzilla account" link, enter your email address (for example, xxx @ Office), and then click "create account ". 2. You will receive an email later. The email contains your Logon account (the same as your email) and password. This password is randomly generated by the bugzilla system. You can change it as needed. 3. Click the "log in" link in the yellow corner of the page and enter your account and password. Finally, click "login" product and component bug records by product category. Each product is divided into several categories by function. Taking Bugzilla as an example, it consists of the following parts: l administrationl Bugzilla-generall creating/changing Bugl documentationl emaill installationl query/buglistl reporting/chartingl user accountsl changing passwordsl user interfacebug Report status classification and bug handling comments (Status and resolution. bug report status classification l unconfirmed l newly submitted (new) l allocated (assigned) l unsolved (reopened) l resolved l verified l archived (closed) 2. bug handling comments (resolution) l modified (Fixed) l not a problem (nvalid) l cannot be modified (wontfix) l later versions solve (later) l remind l repetition (duplicate) l cannot be reproduced (worksforme) the specified handler (assigned to) l can specify a handler L. If the handler is not specified, the system specifies the Administrator as the default handler hyperlink (URL) L to enter the hyperlink address, guide the handler to find the description of the "summary" section in the overview section of the information associated with the report (Summary) l, it should be ensured that the handling person can clearly understand what problems the submitter found during operations. L for testing of the common component, the function name corresponding to the common component must be written into the overview for future query. Hardware Platform and Operating System (platform and OS) l hardware platform for testing applications, usually select "PC" l operating system platform (OS) version for testing applications) l bug generation software version bug report priority (priority) l divided into five levels, namely, P1-P5, P1 priority level after highest progressively decreasing bug status (severity) l blocker, impede development and/or testing l critical, crash, data loss, memory overflow l major, large functional defects l normal, common functional defects l minor, minor functional defects l trivial, product appearance issues or minor issues that do not affect use, such as text spelling or font problems in menus or dialogs l enhancement, suggestion or comment Reporter (Reporter) l account email CC list (CC list) of the person who submitted the bug report l CC object, this item can be left blank L if you need to copy to many people, separate email addresses with commas (,). Link (bug "ID" depends on, Bug "ID" blocks) L "Bug" ID "depends on" if the bug can be modified only after other bugs are modified, enter the Bug id l "Bug" ID "blocks" after this project. If the bug affects the modification of other bugs, after this project, enter the affected bug no. Additional description (additional comments) l communication between testing and developers During BUG Tracking l developers can fill in handling comments and handling records here l testers can fill in back-to-test comments and describes new problems found during the test. Search for bugs. You can use the "query" link in the footer to go to the search page. l select an object or enter a keyword. search for matching characters or strings l search function has the Boolean logic search function L You can select "remember this as my default" on the search page Query saves the items set on the current search page. In the future, you can directly call this project in my bugs in the footer for retrieval. l you can also enter a character after "Remember this query, and name it, save the name of the project you set on the current search page, and select "and put it in my page footer ". In the future, the named search will appear in the footer. (For details about how to set display items in the footer, see 1.5.3) Bug list l if you have run the bug search function, the system will list related items as needed. You can set the field name in the bug record displayed in the list by "Change columns" near the footer of the list. If you have the necessary permissions, you can also use "change several bugs" to modify the bug records listed in the List. For example, if you modify the bug owner L by sending mail to Bug owners, you can send a mail to the owner of the bug records listed in the List L if you are not satisfied with the search results, you want to reset the search settings. You can use "edit this query" to implement L. Generally, only the most basic information is displayed in the search results. You can use "long format" to display more detailed user attribute settings (edit prefs) 1 account settings (account settings) l here you can change the basic information of your account, for example, password, email address, and real name l for security reasons, you must enter your current password before making any changes on this page l when you change your email address, the system will send a confirmation email to your new and old email addresses respectively. You must go to the address specified in the email to confirm your changes. 2. email settings) l here you can choose to tell the system under what conditions do you want to receive the related email 3 footer (page footer) l set whether "preset queries" displays "Permissions" in the footer)

You can view the current permissions of your account here

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