CENTOS6 turning on the Telnet service

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today to do experiments to use Telnet, found with CENTOS6 can use Telnet connection Centos7, but Centos7 can not connect CENTOS6, share the solution.

the Telnet service in CENTOS6 is a non-standalone service, in CENTOS6 Some services are rarely used, turned off and unsuitable, and these services rely on the xinetd--Super daemon process.

When a service is hosted on XINETD, when someone accesses the service, XINETD wakes the service. Let the service work.

configuration files:/etc/xinetd.conf,/etc/xinetd.d/<service>

The first thing to do is to turn on the Telnet service to install two packages



Centos7 start Service systemctl start Telnet.socket 23 Port Open

When you start the service on CENTOS6, you get an error:      

[[Email protected] ~]# service telnet start

Telnet:unrecognized Service

But obviously already installed the package, and in the start of the Service or TAB command completion, can be made out of the service how can not start, because the Telnet service is not hosted by default xinetd, Telnet is not independent services, service Telnet start service does not come, XINETD cannot wake the service. Telnet cannot turn on the service

Solution 1: Edit the file/etc/xinetd.d/telnet

Change disable =yes line to disable = no

Let Telnet service be hosted on XINETD

Restart XINETD Services Service xinetd restart

Also note that firewall policy iptables-f clears all firewall policies

service iptables Stop shutting down the firewall

Connect again to succeed

Solution 2: chkconfig telnet on

When this command is executed, it will change/etc/xinetd.d/telnet to no .

of Course the corresponding command chkconfig telnet off , the following method refers to workaround 1

Note: Because the telnet command is not secure, the user name and password can be obtained directly when grasping the packet, and gradually replaced by the SS command.

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CENTOS6 turning on the Telnet service

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